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A suggestion from Carole Kirk at the BCOA Board of Directors meeting inspired me to sort through my records for all the breeders with recognisable affixes. Carol pointed out that, with the passing of time, Breeders' affixes might become lost to memory. I spent weeks, attaching affix to breeder to country and then went through all 92,000+ again and removed (although I have them recorded elsewhere) USA and UK breeders who only produced a single litter WITHOUT a champion.
If there was a champion in the single litter, it remains.
If an identical affix occurs in more than one country, I have tried to include them all but if the same affix is used by two or more breeders in one country, I have omitted it until someone asks me to include it.
I wanted roughly to define the years during which the older affixes were in use but it became unwieldy and time consuming, given the sheer number of records.
Maybe later !
In UK, the Kennel Club switched affixes from suffixes to prefixes and in other countries the affix can be, and often is, used in both formats - thus some appear twice, as in 'of the Zande' and 'Zande'.
Please take the time to check these records and to let me know of any grotesque omissions or errors. And email me suggestions about what to do with the trailing 's -

If anyone objects to being included, email me and I will remove the entry at once. I have tried to be as accurate as possible but this should be regarded as a 'work in progress', needing helpful suggestions !

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This is primarily a historical record of affixes past and present. They should not be re-used indiscriminately. Some have been passed on or 'bequeathed' when the holder crossed the Rainbow Bridge.

Certain affixes denote imports of Native Stock and their direct, full native stock descendants. Others are ‘Kennel Club protected’ by their National Authorities. New breeders should take care not to use either. In alphabetical order – Avongara, Avuvi, Azenda, Blean, Domewood, Lukuru, Ntomba, (of the) Congo, Serengeti, Tenki.

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2Basenjis, Alecia Jensen, USA
5Star, Barbara Sauceda, USA
Aaralayne, Ruth Ackley, USA
AB, Wanda K. Pooley, USA
Abacus, S. Morrison, USA
Abadam stribrny jednorozec, Jaroslav Adamec, Czech Republic
Abadan, F. & N. Anderson, Australia
Abangami, Mr R.E. Hansen, Australia
Abazinja, John & Mrs W.M Castellani, GB
Abeche, A. W. Merlo, Australia
Abhilasha, Florian Lechenperg-Recker-Bosbach, Germany
Abitibi, Simona Kramulova, Czech Republic
Abotere, Jennifer Gielisse, Holland
Abra's, D. Swope, USA
Abrinkens, Inga-Karin & Ronny Sundquist, Sweden
Absinthe, D. Coleman & C. Betz, USA
Abuluka, Erik and Ingrid Arend-Dormaels, Belgium
Abutu / Abutu's, Charles Mullins, USA
Abydos, E. & C. Stephenson, USA
Acacia / Acacia's, Glenn & Ronda Lee, USA
Accolade's, L.Schell and N.Schell MD, USA
Achimota, A. T. & Mrs J. Clarke, Australia
Ackley's, L. & A. Ackley, (USA)
Acoma's, Kathie Hull, USA
Acorn Acre's, G. Waltrip, USA
Acrefair, Mrs D.O.M. Missen, GB
Across, Elisa Handel & Gabriella Barizo, Argentina
Acryls, Mrs R.C. Young, GB
Acuna, R. Burks, USA
Adama, Gloria Fellows, USA
Adama's, Bev & Tim Lee, Canada
Adamas, Christine Kempster, Canada
Adara's, Wilma M. Saunders, USA
Adazzalin, Melissa McKenna, Australia
Adco, Mrs R. Adcock, Australia
Adenike Belongo, Pavel Ferko, Czech Republic
Adikia Bohemia, Dagmar Pribylova, Czech Republic
Adnaro, L. P. & Mrs J. A. Egan, Australia
Adoram, Michael Quinney, GB,
Adventureland, W Pooley, USA
Afra-Can's, Bernard B. Glazer, Canada
Afreyer, S.T. James, Australia,
African Angel, Zuzana Vagnerova, Slovakia
African Destiny, Ljerka Lackovic, Croatia
African Elite, Malgorzata Kopcza, Poland
African Legend, Daniela Janicijevic, Germany
African Magic Moments, Anita Hilliger/Martin Spielhagen, Germany
African Mystery's, Hanneke Bijker, Holland
African Rainbow's, Hans-Jürgen Koch, Germany
African Spirit, Blanka Grosic, Croatia
African Taifun, Ines Werge, Germany
Africanadian, Sanda Saunders nee Allen (& Amy Whalen), Canada
Africana's, Joan M. Peterson, USA
Afrika, Frank & Marie Dymock / Marie Dymock / Glenway Dymock, Australia
Afrikan Laminan, Pauliina Ylitörmä, Finland
Afrikaner, Thomas M. Stefanec / Marilyn Stefanec, USA
Afrikanskiy Amulet, Tatiana Frolenko, Russia
Afrikanskiy Molchum, Marina Valentinovna Belonina, Russia
Afrikata, Airida Bereisiene, Lithuania
Afrikenji, Helen & David Veless, Australia
Afrikos Mitas, Vaida Dukauskiene, Lithuania
Ag-L-Er's, J.B. & Lucille Agler, USA
Ahera, Miss M. G. Credaro, Australia
Ahmahr Nahr, Jennie Behles & Robert Whalley, USA
Ahmose, Janice & Ian Barrette, Australia
Ahmosis, F. Milne, Australia
Ahttarro's, D. Garner & S. Kulp, USA
Aittakankaan, Esa Nissila, Finland
ajabu ya safari, Verena von Niessen, Germany
Ajabu, Mrs D. Turnbull, Australia
Ajabu, Terri Fleming & Robert Erickson, Canada
Ajali, J. Phipps, USA,
Ajibu, Marjukka Anttila, Finland
Akale, Mark & Josie Haseldine, Australia
Akena's, Tobin Young, Canada
Akenaton, B. Andrews, Canada
Akers', James & Lois Akers, USA
Aketi, J. K. & Mrs M. J. Messer, Australia
Akili, Elizabeth White, USA
Akimbo, Mrs J. Barker, Australia
Akish Kuz, Svetlana Makarova, Russia
Akkadai, Miss M. J. Winser, Australia
Akmar, Ms Paula Steele, GB
Akrabu, Joan McGrory, Australia
Akuaba, Susan Coe / Jon and Susan Coe, USA
Akwaba, Aira Kellokoski, Finland
Akwanga, Mr M. G. Collison, Australia
Al Asad's, S. Cottrell, (USA)
Alabar's, Albert H. Mayfield, USA
Alabiss, P. & P. Lapinski, USA
Alahram, B. Steller, Australia
Alamar, Alan & Martha Biland, USA
Alandottie's, A. & D. Danford, USA
Alapocas, Margaret Edward & Julia Dugan, USA
Alban, A. White, USA
Albin's, E. Albin, USA
Albion's, Mrs J. Duhaime, Canada
Alchar's, Ruth Levitt, USA
Alcyone Of Adventure E.S. JP, Japan
Aleika Aleikas Aleika’s, J. & B. Nubby, USA
Alexandrian Sun Dog, A. Yu. Nazarenko, Ukraine
Alfajiri, Jelena Ambrute, Latvia
Alii, Gabriel K. & Mrs G.K. Balibrea, USA
Ali'i, Phillip and Christine Iranon, USA
Alisina Zvezdochka, Alisa Dubas, Ukraine
Aljesha’s, Alfred G. Tronningsdal, Canada
Aljor's, Lon & Lynette Flage, USA
All Square, Svetlana Prikhozhan, Russia
Allandy, Mrs Y.J. Allan, GB
Allegro, Judith Glass, USA
Allegro's, D. & J. Perkins, USA
Allen's, J. Anderson, USA
Allround's, Bodil Nordquist, Sweden
Al-Mar's, J.Y. Pickens & D.I. Guess, USA
Almart, Alma Lee Otto, USA
Almasie, Maxine & Lawrence Alsop, USA
A-Lota-Love, Jack & Irene Menego, Canada
Alpeda, Mr P. Bramall, GB
Alpha Centauri's, R. & J. Goodfellow, USA
Alrac, Mrs C. E. Griffiths, Australia
Altahalach, Mrs M. Cormack, Australia
Al-Vi's Aswan, Sadie Crewso, Canada
Alwyn Abracadabra, Norma J. Waninger, USA
Amabel, P. Shinn, Australia

Amagamma, Maria Kruchinina, Russia
Amal’s, Amy Riddle, USA
Amali's, Barbara J. Moore, USA
Amarna’s, W. Darr, USA
Amarnan, F. Coles, Australia
Amasis, J. & S. Sanderson & C. & S. Wiltshire, Australia
Amato Paolo, Karin Gether, Austria
Amazing/ Amazing’s, S. Preedasuth, USA
Amazon's, T. & B Peay, USA
Amazulu, Mrs K. Mole, Australia
ambasad a kiafrika, Alexander F. Solya, Germany
Amber Sunrise, Zanna Verhusa, Latvia
Amber's Abode, T.B. & V.L. Betschart, USA
Amberwood, S. & K. Armstrong, USA
Ambomu's, Dr. G.O Ewing & E.H. Scheuing, USA
Ambrizete, A. Hume, Australia
Ameba, Maria Baranowska, Poland
Amenti, D. Cornet, USA
Aminifu, J. E. & Mrs J. A. Glasson, Australia
Amitta, Miss C. Williams, Australia
Ammon, M. Condon, Australia
Amon-Ra, Kathryn Hunyadi, USA
Amore, Whitney Podhradsky, USA
Amulet Heart, Ina Rabkevica, Latvia
Amun / Amun Rameses, Jacques & Judy Lange, USA
Amverwood's, Mr & Mrs Arthur E. Woodruff, Canada
Anansi, Tisa Novak, Slovenia
Ananty, Jana Gozova, Czech Republic
Anasazi, Sheila Ann Frost & Sheila H Smith, USA, USA
Andamoka, M. Lehmann, Australia
Andersley, Mrs E.G. Anderson, GB
Anderson, J. Anderson, USA
Andescor, Maria Jose de la Maza Howard, Chile
Andjing, Mrs T. A. J. Bouwman, Australia
Andor, Mrs D. Bekker, South Africa
Andraspusztai, Andreas Toth, Hungary
Anga / Anga’s, Angel M. Smith, USA
Angari, Genelle St George & K. McDicken, Australia
Angari, Mr & Mrs R. Archer, Canada
Angavu Maisha, Svetlana Shubinova, Russia
Angel Congo, Irina Zhuravleva, Russia
Angelic, Debra Edmonds, USA
Ankarton, A. K. & Mrs T. Barker, Australia
Ankhitifi, B. Lacey, Australia
Ankhu, Carrie Jones, USA
Annandael's, Danielle Johnston, USA
Anpet, P. W. & Mrs A. L. Sharp, Australia
Antares, Liz Littrell, USA
Antefaa Lukuru, Helena Lane & Victoria Miller, GB
Antefaa, Miss D.M. Willans (affix later passed to Mrs T. Lane), GB
Antelope Lollipop, Kitty Kolsovszky, Hungary
Anubis Child, Gabi Lehberger, Germany
Anubis, Robert & Ann House, USA
Anubis’ (Enigma), Davide Tiberini, Italy
Anulinka, Pavel Vorlicek, Czech Republic
Anupi, Miss S.M. Tromp, Australia
Anya's, Sandra Anderson, USA
Apex, Gary Pickler, USA
Apogee's, Marie Perry, USA
Apu, Susan Kamen Marsicano, USA
Aquarius, Don & Cathie Burt, USA
Aquia's, Clora J. Bradley, USA
Arab Bahari's, Jean L. Grunheid, France
Arabrac's, Barbara & Carlos R. Jimenez, USA
Arbor Valley, Alfred & R. Gigstad, USA
Arcaccio, Roberto Giorgi, Italy
Ardencraig, Mrs C. Bell, GB
Arendahl, Amy & Lisa Marshall, USA
Arhuaco's, Franklin Zaydman & Alvaro Gonzalez, Colombia
Arimanee, Miss A. M. Collins, Australia
Arizongo's, P. Lobel, USA
Arkadia, Julie Goodwin, New Zealand
Arkayel, R. Langlois, Australia
Arlit Wrinkles, Heinz Goetschke, Germany
Arlvyn, M. Robbins, Australia
Arrugas, Denise Hawes, USA
Artikara, Arja Tiainen & Kalevi Haikara, Finland
Arubmec’s, Patrica Cembura, USA
Aruwimi, Mrs B. M. Armitage, Australia
Arvoreen, S. & Mrs C. Leetham, Australia
Asafa, Kirsi Ahrenberg, Finland
Asante, W.J & R. J. Tondut-Stephens, Australia
Asari, Russell Hendren, USA
Asawood's, Joey Mancilla, Philippines
Ascellan, Satu Pietikainen & Niko Vuorio, Finland
Ashanti, John Loukota, USA
Asharmi, Mrs L. M. Harvey, Australia
Ashcrest, Geoffrey & Catherine Cant, USA
Ashculme, Mrs T.A. Tuckey, GB
Ashenbank, Mrs R. Arnold, GB
Ashiki, Annikka Kaas, Norway
Asia / Asia's, Lisa Myers, USA
Asiaczek, Joanna Groszek-Szymanska, Poland
Asil, Beverly Riley, USA
Asilah, Mrs C. Kaye, Australia
Asmera, Mrs F. E. Bowyer, Australia
Aspres, Mr & Mrs L.W. Bennett, GB
Astarte, Stella Sapios, USA
Asthenia, Miroslav Friebert, Czech Republic
Asting, Helen Sting, USA
Astoret, J. Sroler, Czech Republic
Astra Procyon, Jana Maskova, Czech Republic
Aswan, H. & B. Swanson, USA
Atarasi, Jordan Reed, USA
Atreo, Mr C. Allen, Australia
Atrigema, M. Cook, Australia
Attallah, Priscilla J. Weeks, USA
Aurora's, Susan & Alan Butenhof, USA
Autumn, Mr G.W. Earle, USA
Auxerre, C. Auxier, USA
av Amataganzig, Anne Lindeberg, Norway
av Basenjis 4 Real, Aina Fongen, Norway
av Valandy, John Skjeveland, Norway
Avalon's, Sarah T. Giffard, USA
Avekami, Eunice Ockerman, USA
Awhat's, Robin & Perry Hardison, USA
Azande, Miss J. & Mrs E. Canavan, Australia
Azania's, Ingeborg K. Molnes, Norway
Azenda, Miss Margaret Christy-Davies, GB
Azende, M. & G. Beausoleil, Canada
Azisha, Mrs L. Congdon, Australia
Azza's, Barbara Kelliher & Jane Bingham, USA

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Baagna, Mr E. J. Forbes, Australia
Babwende, Mr L. J. Tivey, Australia
Bacara's, H. Scott Paris, USA
Baclofen, Mrs I. L. East, Australia
Bacuv Sen, Zdena Stumpfova, Czech Republic
Badagri, Cornela & Wolfgang Perschke, Germany
Badan's, Scott & Sue Masterson, Canada
Bahalema, Sandie Kulp, USA
Bahari, B. & L. Kiesekamp, Canada
Bahati, Freeda L. Bechtel, USA
Bahaticca's, Alicja Pazdzierkiewicz, Poland
Bahrel, Mr & Mrs D. L. Hill, Australia
Bajada, J. & J. Becker, Australia
Bajoran, David Davidson, Canada
Bakari, Scott & Kay Henderson, USA
Baker's, Lillian M. & Edward Baker, USA
Bakit, G. & C. Lawrence, Australia
Bakuba, Miss L. C. Raper, Australia
Balamara, Mr B. K. Manahan, Australia
Balfrayden, Miss L. A. Reynolds, Australia
Ballada o Wedrowaniu, Monika Wilcox, Poland
Balshah, Mary F. Ball, Australia
Baltos Pedutes, I Mackeviciene, Lithuania
Bambari, Mrs D. Perrow, GB
Bamburu, Mr E.P. Boyd, New Zealand
Bambuti, Pat Gupelle, Australia
Bambuti, Sara Tech, Germany
Bandishu, J. Brooke, USA
Bangala, Mr & Mrs W.A. Newbould, GB
Bannabrook, Mrs M. & Miss K. Bryce, Australia
Bansela, D. & Mrs J. Black, Australia
Bantu, Jennifer Miller & Shelby Miller, USA
Bantu, Mrs K. L. Parsons, Australia
Bantu's, Katherine J. Skoczek, USA
Bantu's, Lisa Marie Prendergast, Canada
Baobab's, Noemi Lago-Garcia & Juan J Garcia, USA/Costa Rica
Bapendi, B. K. & Mrs D. E. Javens, Australia
Baraka, Paul Root and William J. Bowlus, USA
Baralga, Mr G. White, Australia
Baranfield, Barbara A. Field, USA
Barbil, W. Murray Jr. & B. Murray, USA
Barbin / Bar-Bin, Brinda Barnett, USA
Barb's, Barbara A. Fassler, USA
Bar-Bushgo's, G. Pickler, USA
Barcove's, Bob & Barbara Edwards, USA
Bardsea, Mrs M. Harbottle-Smith, GB
Bari Napsugar, Josef & Jozsefine Stummer, Hungary
Barika's, J. Grim & T. Kolenic, USA
Barkless, Cecilia Kocman, Sweden
Barkna, Mrs J. C. Shuttlewood, Australia
Barkno, Mr P. Ward, Australia
Barrob, Mrs B.A. Picard, Australia
Barrows', Louis J. Anderson, USA
Barrows', Mrs Clarence E. Barrows Jr, USA
Barsac, Mr K.J. Town, GB
Barsanti, Paul & Andreia Ribeiro, Brazil
Bartina-Hegyi, Sandor Hodoniczki, Hungary
Bartu's, S. & J. Bartu, USA
Baru, George & Marcia Woodard, USA
Baruh, Linda Pence, USA
Barzoom, Mrs B. Salmon, Australia
Basango, L. Gregory, Australia
Basbox, Mr John Eachus, GB
Basdach, T. R. Monteith & A. J. Douglas, Australia
Basenji Park, Gail & Gary Dluzeski & LeeBeth Cranmer, USA
Basenlake, Mr E.A. Goodman, GB
Basenjiwall, Mr T. R. Wall, Australia
Bashira, Nikolina Simunec, Croatia
Basiateck, Erna de Reus, Holland
Bask Wrinkled, Miss J.C. Kembrey, GB
Basnauz, Eila Hautala & Jari Tynjala, Finland
Basongo, Mrs S. Gant, GB
Basongo, Walter L. Clark, USA
Basongos, Inger Svensson, Denmark
Basterberri, Martin A. Baskaran Soto, Spain
Bastillin, Tanja Taipalus, Finland
Basuto, Di Kajar, Australia
Basvan's, N. Mirhady & C. Salton, Canada
Bataasi, Mr Don Robertson, Australia
Bateke, Mrs J. M. Eekhout, Australia
Batonga, Mrs R.L. Harwood, Australia
Batutsi's, Lee K. Davies, USA
Bawanba, Yvonne W. Dailey, USA
Bayenzi, Mrs Carla Parr, Australia
Baylands, Mrs L. Tyrrell, USA
Bayou Lacomb, T. McMillin, USA
Bay-Senjis, Susan Howard, USA
Baytree, Mr P. & Mrs L.P. Brown, GB
Bazendax, Mrs Carol V. Pollard, GB
Bazimba's, Bettie & Vernon Rees, USA
Beaubri, Simone Gaudet (nee Mullin), Canada
Beaurepaire, Mrs K. Stanley, GB
Beauty Soul, Kristyna Slajchrtova, Czech Republic
Beauvair, Mrs E.M. Skingley, New Zealand
Bedlam, P. & E. Ramage, USA
Bedovin, Mrs S. M. Copeland, Australia
Bedwyr's, K. Gavin, USA
Bee-Jac, J.E. & Betty Needham, USA
Behukai, Tia Svanberg, Finland
Beikos, Thomas & Hope Lee, Canada
Beja, R. Schrock, USA
Bejara, P. F. & N. A. Tobin, Australia
Bel Isle's, Arnold & Betty Bel, USA
Belark's, A. Winstead, USA
Belbraq, Mrs H. Howe, GB
Belcon, Rev. J.A. Donaldson, GB
Beldams, Kris Sandberg, Sweden
Belgo's, William Ferrier, USA
Belleair's, Elizabeth T. Hoghland, USA
Bellehound's, Cathleen Combs & Amanda Keller, USA
Bellion's, Mary & E. Bellion, USA
Bellringer, Mrs B. Hancock, Australia
Bellringer's, Shirley Way, USA
Bell's, Mrs J. Raymond Bell, USA
Belongo, Miss P. Williams, Australia
Belray, Mr & Mrs Warren Beasley, Canada
Ben Hur's, James L. & Joline C. Stromberg, USA
Ben Mar, Marjorie P. Bilbo, USA
Bena Makima, Hana Hofmanova, Czech Republic
Benamon, G. & H. Cochran, Australia
Bendele, Carolyn R. Babson, USA
Bengibar, Mrs S. Robertson, Australia
Beniparrell D'Onda, Maria Isabel Villada, Spain
Benjalah, Mr & Mrs H. Goodman, GB
Benji Tricop, Malcolm E. MacDonald, Canada
Benkura, Mrs V.J. Miller, GB
Benmarden's, William R. Hicks, Canada
Benmoi, Mrs P. M. Jones, Australia
Benmoi, P. Watson, Australia
Benni's, Gordon J. Middlemiss, Canada
Bensuki, Mrs E. Slater, GB

Benwaji, Mr J. B. Broun, Australia
Benzedrine's, Herbert Earl Clark, USA
Berbob's, F. & B. Clemons, USA
Berijon, Mrs B. Jones, GB
Berimo, Pat Marshall, USA
Berjhat, Miss C.J. Hursey, Australia
Bersham, Mr R. Thompson, GB
Ber-Vic, Bernice E. Anderson, USA
Bessystone,Tuula Halunen, Finland
Bestfriend's, Teresa Wilds, Canada
Betji's, James E. Motes Jr., USA
Betsy Ross', Ross & Betsy Newmann, USA
Bettina’s, Bettina Belmont-Ward, USA
Bewari, Mr N. C. Hookens, Australia
Biafra, P. & J. Caddey, Australia
Bialek, T. Bialek, USA
Bighorn, K. Begeman, USA
Bijobi, J. Biddle & W. Biddle Jr., USA
Bijoux's, M. Loyd, USA
Bikiras, Siw Sortland, Norway
Bim-Mar's, Phyllis A. Martin, USA
Birch Glen's, Lois W. Lamkin, USA
Birch's, Eva Birch, USA
Bittersweet, Bob Burgess, USA
Bj's, Judith & Robert Preis, USA
Bkela, D. Lindquist & M. Calderwood, Australia
Blackpits, Mr & Mrs L. Siddall, GB
Blackwing’s, Kathie L. Upton, Canada
Blaue King, Rosario & Nicolas Pineiro Aramburu, Argentina
Blean, Mrs O. Burn, GB
Blease, Mrs L. Blease, Australia
Blucrest, Dorothy Ammons, USA
Blue Bay's, Robert & Ellen Bruns, USA
Blue Nile, Roberta C. Jenkins, Canada
Blue Notes, Holly Hamilton & Joell Coltrane, USA
Blue Rockies, J. & D. Jones, USA
Blue Skies, Alexis Major & Kerry Hagan, USA
Blue Star, James Carl Jennings, USA
Bluebelle's, Nancy A. Boylan, USA
Bluecrest, Dorothy V. Ammons, USA
Bluestone, Scott & Rachel Osborne, USA
B'Mocsad's, E. Dascomb & V. Zornick, USA
Bobabwilo's, Mr & Mrs D. Vanklaveren, USA
Bob-Els / Bobels, Robert E. Snyder, USA
Bocan's, N. Buchanan, USA
Boerner's, R. Boerner, USA
Bofuki's, E. & M. Cope, USA
Bohobe, Myrtle B. Boyer, USA
Bojak, Jimmie L. & Jean W. Phillips, USA
Bokoto, John & Irene Horner, GB
Bolajany, Mrs J. Jordan, Australia
Bolar's, R. & L. Neiman, USA
Boleruba's, Leanne Peterson, USA
Bolobo, Miss M.C. Murphy, Australia
Bomabwa, Martin & Roberta Abelson, USA
Bomar's, Martin & R. Abelson, USA
Boma's, A. Mc Clung, USA
Bomat, Miss D. Jones, USA
Bona Dea's, Donna E. Smith, USA
Bonatea,Ulla & Ole Jensen, Denmark
Bonnyglen, O. Morris, Australia
Boord's , Mr & Mrs Clarence Boord, USA
Boorontik, Lisbeth Ljunggren, Denmark
Bora K'Gana, B.J. Cassell & Erin Roberts & Stan Carter, USA
Borajamaa, Mrs A. Wright, Australia
Borassus, Kathy Sanders, USA
Borasus, Val Innes, Australia
Bordeaux, Amy Funchess, USA
Botiara's, V.M. & C. Pieters & C.& B. Jimenez, USA
Bourn, B. Wardell & P. McCord, USA
Bovel, R. Cavell, Australia
Boxzent's, Asa Borg, Sweden
Brackett's, James P. Brackett, USA
Brad-Del's / Braddel's, Hannah Bradley, USA
Branhaven, Mr J. Todhunter, GB
Brassica's, Ulla Clemens-Pesch, Germany
Braun's, Helen Frost, USA
Bravos, Patrick B. Collins, USA
Bredand, Mervin Bex, GB
Bredonian, Mrs T. J. Thomson, Australia
Brenmar's,Brenda Jones Greenberg, USA
Bribas, Riitta Hautanen, Finland
Bribet's, Mr & Mrs B. Guttersorm, Canada
Briden, Denise & Brian Vertrees, USA
Brigantine, M. & G. Ferguson, Australia
Brijuro's, T. Thomas, USA
Brimsan's, Brenda Farlam, GB
Brinco, T.L. Wiseman, GB
Brindenand, M. & Mme Andrew Freve, Canada
Briskways, Harriet M. & L. Freese, USA
Brismen, Kennel Brismen Dog, Mexico
Broadvale, V. Piliciauskas, Australia
Bronsview, Mrs E. A. Bronson, Australia
Brownchad, Miss M.D. Brown, GB
Brushy Run, Beverley A. Bland, USA
Bryliz, Mrs E. Knight, GB
B'Tasi, Ruth A. Skevington, USA
Bubalak, Mary de Whitt, USA
Bubas, Mrs J. Anderson- later Jane Gostynska, GB
Bubastis, Mrs S.K. Sargeant, GB
Bubbling Under, Ari Ruotsalainen, Finland
Buckhatch, Mrs B.C. Moss, GB
Buckiebrae, Mr A. Mackenzie, GB
Budjala, Mrs E. Connors, Australia
Budolly, Vernon G. Reese, USA
Budsky, Karel Budsky, Czech Republic
Bufumbiro, E. Hlavkova, Czech Republic
Bulawayo, Mrs B.R. Graham, Australia
Bullab, Mr T Keyte and Miss T Johnson, Australia
Bulldobas, Tiina Taavitsainen, Finland
Bullet's, A. Jones, USA
Burdett's, Mary E. Dunlap, USA
Burket's, Otis R. & Rosa Lee R. Burket, USA
Burks, R. Burks, USA
Burudika, Dorota Müller, Poland
Busara's, Richard Hanna, USA
Buscafé, Jean Felipe C. Gouhie, Brazil
Bushbabies, George & Terri Gavaletz, USA
Bushido, Mr & Mrs J. S. Rushgrove, Australia
Bushland’s, Mrs Alvin McAnally, USA
Bushongo, Henriette Arneberg, Norway
Bushveld, Roberta Frederick, USA
Bushwacker, Chris Frost, GB/Canada
Butambi, Mr H. W. Brewer, Australia
Butilor, Mrs E. Upton, Australia
Buttons, Mrs Lloyd Howard, Canada
Bwana, Yvonne W. Dailey, USA
Bylu's, L. & B. Yocum, USA
Bymarket, Robert Cole, Canada

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Cabeza's, Joan F. Smith, Canada
Cabinda, Mrs I. M. Fox, GB
Cabus, Mrs P. A. Gotch, Australia
Cacique, Mrs D. Moreton, GB
Cadleigh, Mrs S. Marshall, GB
Cadsome, Mr & Mrs A. Griggs, USA
Cairndale's, Mrs Marvin E. Scott, USA
Calaz, Nancy True, USA
Calpadoer, Mr K.H. Hill, GB
Calypso, Susan Patterson, USA
Calypso's, Mrs Neville E. Dias, Canada
Camarado, Lida Prochazkova, Czech Republic
Cambria's, R. Mankey, USA
Camelot, Gale N. Whitehurst, USA
Camps, B. & J. Camp, USA
Camusfearna, Grazia Veronesi, Italy
Canamonda's, V. & R. Geoffry, USA
Cana's, J. & B. Clarabal, USA
Can'D's, C. Richeson, USA
Candu, L. Jane Williams, USA
Cane Africaine, Stefan Reitersjo, Sweden
Cango Caves, Don & Moyna Nelson, Canada
Canidae's, Mr & Mrs Stuart Roberts, Canada
Canine Heaven, E. Jarrett, USA
Canorama, Jose Luis Gonzalez, Spain
Capo's, Mary Capobianco, Canada
Caradawn, Grant & Lynda Magee, Canada
Car-Day's, J. & B. Carlson, USA
Cardium, Doug & Lorilee Sweeney, Canada
Carilee's, Joyce C. Allen, USA
Carmel, Carol Ann Edwards, USA
Carodoc's, J. & J. Phillips, USA
Casa Regina, Berta Burkert, Germany
Casmont, G. M. O'Keeffe, Australia
Casongo, B. Stewart, Australia
Caucasian, M. Mangrum, USA
Cavaliers, D. & I. Geary, USA
Cedar Wind's, Mr & Mrs Eric Boe, Canada
Celestin, Jaroslava Vankova, Czech Republic
Celladore, Messrs Binns & Kennedy, GB
Centaurus, Dennis Center, USA
Centurion, Theresa M. Trotman, USA
Cerberus, A. Smith, USA
Chaanrose, Ms Rosie Lane, GB
Cha-Bey's / Chabey's, C.A. & Lovena E. Egbert, USA
Chagmas, Gro Udby, Norway
Chalkriver's, Mr & Mrs R. Kelly, Canada
Chamchela, P. Iredell, Australia
Changa, June Young, USA
Chanzo Cha Nile, Ondrej Polasek, Czech Republic
Charmari's, C. & M. Finman, USA
Charmar's, Mrs H. Gaul, USA
Char-Ra's, P. & D. Parsons, USA
Chattan's, D. & C. Harris, USA
Chautauqua, K. & R. Brown, USA
Chekesha's, Crystal Chlan, Canada
Cheyennes, Chris Hodge & Family, USA
Chiani, F. & Mrs E. Lawrence, Australia
Chili's, Pat Wand, USA
Chimeloxx, Cecilia Halfvars, Sweden
Chiniquay, Mr B. F. Johnson, Australia
Chin-Peek, Mrs Hettie M. Bidewell, Canada
Chipmar's, E. Dixon, USA
Chiri, Charles & Iris Leve, USA
Chi-Tig's, Bob Gooderl, USA
Chiya's, Stephanie Cheng, USA
Chobi, P. Welker, USA
Chokozi's, Tracy Lee, Canada
Chortling, Lee Peppler, Canada
Chrismar, Mary-Jo Ward, USA
Christmas, Diana Bergwall, Sweden
Chujos, Molly-Jo Larsen, USA
Chukongo, D.T. & Ida Rae Carmine, USA
Chura's, Ann Calhoun, USA
Church Hill, Mr M.S. Fulton, GB
Chyrolas, Cheryl Bittle, Canada
Cimbri, Dr R.E. & Mrs P. Hope-Pearson, New Zealand
Cin-Jas, Annette C. Perry, USA
Cinjola, John & Ethel Barker, USA
Cinnabar, H.E. & Ruth H. Polonius, USA
Cinnamons Friend, Jens-Peter Wurm, Germany

Citadell Anubis, Jan Frode Wang, Norway
Citubal, Marek Betka & Radka Syrycanska, Czech Republic
Ciyeva's, Stephen & Donna Canon, USA
Cladich, Mrs B. Davison, Australia
Clair's, Junior P. Clair, USA
Clara's, L. & R. Hawkins, USA
Claren, Mr E.W. Melville, New Zealand
Clendon, Mrs Dawn S. Clark, New Zealand
Clesson, E.E. & Marilyn Clesson, USA
Cliffend, J. Neil, Australia
Clifton's, G. Sillavan, USA
Clissolds, Miss M.C. Greenstead, GB
Coastal's, Dana MacDonald & Suzanne Pintar, USA
Cobham, Reva Lawson, USA
Cock's-Crow, Mr & Mrs George A. Larsen, USA
Cocobellas, Sarah Zangerle, Austria
Coedcau, Mrs D. McDonald, GB
Columbine, Mickey Rubin & Lee Opresko, USA
Conamore, Cheryl Myers-Egerton, Canada
Condra's, Dennis & Minnie Condra, USA
Congo Line, Viktoria Kolotsei, Estonia
Congaree, Charlene Harley-Dunbar, USA
Congaro, Catherine Ongaro, USA
Congobell, Miss E Haigh, Australia
Congoglen, K. & M. Jordan, New Zealand
Congohusets, Gyda Molsted, Denmark
Congolese, Marcia Wollner, USA
Congo's Heartbeat, Barbara Merey, Germany
Conjudo's, Fred & Judith Ann Fisher, USA
Contempo's, Kerry Efferson, USA
Continental, J.&L.Harrington & D.Harrington, USA
Cook's, Kenneth E. Cook, USA
Coombeview, Mrs I.M. James, GB
Coptokin, Gwen Stanich, USA
Copyat, Mr R. Routledge, GB
Coradun, Mrs C. M. Dunn, Australia
Corder's, D. Huffman, USA
Cortonabella, Laima Malinauskaite, Italy
Corwal's, Mr & Mrs Walter R. Williamson, USA
Coryule, Mr A. Norris, Australia
Cosmic's, Allie Noble, USA
Cosmo's, Ronald C. & Carol Lee Anderson, USA
Costa Serena, Louis Angel Partarrieu Miranda, Chile
Countach's, W. Wilcox, USA
Courtlands, Mrs C.M. Graham, GB
Cover Girl, Janette & David Hahn, USA
Coville's, Philippa Coville, USA
Cowherd, Audrey Cowherd, USA
C-Quest, Cindy Russell, USA
Cramsiehaven, Mrs J. H. Lane, Australia
Crannock's, Mrs B. McKenzie, New Zealand
Crasan, Mr D. M. Fletcher, Australia
Crazy Gremlin's, Bianka Schneider, Germany
Crazy Orange, Martin Zampach, Czech Republic
Cren Lea, Mrs M. Parsons, New Zealand
Crescendo, Erin & Collin Gray, USA
Crestview, Mr J.F. Richardson, GB
Crewshound, Dr & Mrs C. Pine, GB
Cribella, Mr K. A. Crimeen, Australia
Crisanke, Mr K. H. Millman, Australia
Cristeeny's, Christine Federowski, USA
Crosswinds, R. Baker Jr., USA
Crume K's, Virgil A. Horner, USA
Crys'Nkras, Anna & Y. Cheich-Sultan, Latvia
Crystal Javelin, Margarita Grisanova, Latvia
Crystalane, Mrs E. Huston, Australia
Csepely-Ore, Gyula Kelemen, Hungary
Csintovany, Szajko Fereno, Hungary
Cuanza Regal, Mrs D. Clarke, Australia
Cumback's, Joseph R. Tomey & Cathy Tomey, USA
Curli Tail, Doris L. Lester, USA
Curlicue, Mrs Diana Bergwall, GB
Curlitail, Mrs D. Bargenquast, Australia
Custos, Mrs B.A. Williams, GB
Cutmil, Mrs C.L.C. Ward, GB
CV's, D. Franklen, USA
Cygneture's, B. Quast, USA
Cymric, M. & L. Kinsey, USA
Cynosure, R. & V. Jacobs, USA
Czartan's, D. Honaker & Mary-Lou Ruhland, USA

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D's, Debra L. Long, USA
D J's, S. Underwood, USA
da Cachoeira, Dr Marly, Brazil
Daffodil Hill's, T.R. & Barbara A. Hagberg, USA
Dafina, Tami Neargarth, USA
D'Afrique, L. Lovelace & M. Watkins, USA
Dagoba's, Kimberly Brown, USA
Daisy's, R. Chancellor, USA
Dakarai, Sanna-Maija Helevä formerly Virtanen, Finland
Dakargi's, D.A. & K.L. Danahy, USA
Dakar's, Karen Kuchta, USA
Dalaghi, Mrs I.E. Gunnarsson, GB
Dalidon, D. Bargenquast, Australia
d'Alverne, Mrs G. Rundell, France
Dalji, Carol McGrogan, Canada
Damar, M. Bruns, USA
Damyat, Mr E. R. & Mrs E. Pollock, Australia
Dancdeb, Mrs Alanna Perlman, USA
Dandongpei, G. Piero Lonzardi & Michela Barbieri, Italy
Danecourt, Dr Lex Castelberg, Australia
Danenji, Mr V. O. Grayson, Australia
Daneriver, Mrs R.A. Storer, GB
D-Ann’s, Dorothy Ann Collette, USA
Dar Bony-Sona, Marina Banchukova, Russia
Dar es Salaam, Elena Nikonova, Russia
D'Arba, D.W. & Alice M. Gray, USA
Darbis, M. & D. Jimas, USA
Darc, Roxanne & Darren P. Burton, Canada
Dares Salaam, Apro Zsolt, Hungary
Darius, Mr R.A. Churchill, GB
Dark Moon, Veronica and John Predale, USA
Dark Skies, Gloria Steiger, USA
Darp's, Ray A. & Arlene Peters, USA
Dar's, Darwin Hoogendoorn, USA
Dartin’s, Mrs Lloyd Howard, Canada
Dassita, Mrs C.W. Wright, GB
Dawn Ri's, D. Honaker & A. Jones, USA
Daze-Dun, G. MacLean, USA
Dazim, Mrs J. Johns, Australia
de Beniparrell D'Onda, Maria Isabel Villada, Spain
de Cassandra, M. Cassandre Mattera, France
de Cieneguilla, Aldo Bettocchi, Peru
de Huaringas, Jimena Novak, Peru
de Ker Saint Mesmes, B. Fournis, France
de Kiungwana, Marion Reddy, France
de Kungara, Victoria Lackner, Austria
de la Baume Cromagnon, M. Gaudois, France
de la Bergerie Barriera, Veronique Caltagirone, France
de la Grange Enchantee, Louis Coralie, France
de los dos Alamos, Daniela Betschmann Taillard, Spain
de Marcouville, Mr G. Whincop, New Zealand
de Perbablo, J. Willemson, Holland
de Puente, Juan Puente, USA
de Stille Sprinter, J.M. Wassenaar, Holland
de Tassili-N-Ajjer, Chantal Cornez, France
de van Igor's Stam, Irene Achard-Holst, France
de Vila Moreira, Ana Paula Moreira, Portugal
Deanbah, Mr L. A. Webber, Australia
Debdale, Mrs D. Brierley, GB
Debilaw, Mr E.J. Pledge, GB
Debkan, Mr Shepherd, Australia
Debonair's, R. Bronski & R. Quigley, USA
Debrak, Elizabeth Jackson, Australia
Debutant's, D. Reid, USA
Decker, J. Osborne, USA
Deepwood's, Karen B. Staniszewski, USA
Deerborn, Miss E. Warner, GB
Deercreek, Mrs M. Askew, USA
Dee's, D. Lotz, USA
Deev, M iss D.V. Carruthers, GB
dei Consorti, Mario di Pascoli, Italy
Dejanbar, Mrs J. M. Douglas, Australia
del Kananga, Elvezio del Pietro, Switzerland
del Karraces, Jose Carlos Bernardos Carracedo, Spain
del Lago Degli Orsi, Gloria Urbani, Italy
del Nilo, Giacinta Borletti, Italy
del Regno di Saba, Franca Ballardini, Italy
del Topacio, Gabriela Lusiardo, Argentina
del Tromontini, Sandor Torrent-Toth, Hungary
Delahi's, W.D. & J.R. Crandall, USA
Delainex, Mrs C. Burley, Australia
Delee's, Mrs Dean D. Howard, USA
Delgo's, Mr & Mrs L. Lea III, USA
dell' Arcaccio, Roberto Giorgi, Italy
della Fioravanta, Federica Righini, Italy
delle CaseRosse, Luise Ghetti Mati, Italy
Del-Orado's, Doris & Wm.H. Robbins, USA
Delouise's, Duane Holloway, USA
Delovir, Irina Lozhnikova, Russia
Delvale, Mrs J. Y. Sandilands, Australia
Denalpha, Mr D. Whiting, GB

Dennysmoor, Mr Jack Malcolm, GB
Deosil's, Lisa Hogan, USA
des Fringants Complices, Marine Fremy, France
des Gardiens du Mirador, Corinne Genetti, France
des Hammadates de Merzouga, Nadia Basciano, Morocco
des Neiges Bleues d'Euzkadi, Martin et Frederique Lagarde, France
des Ors de Sothis, J-L. & Xavier Ainardi, France
des Terres du Doux Lieu, Dorothée Brice, France
des Terres Oceanes, Evelyne Beziel, France
Desianya, Mrs L. B. Hodnett, Australia
Desoleil, Holly Benton, USA
Desta, Andrea Williams, USA
Dettbarn, Wendy Dettbarn, USA
Devil Bohemia, Sona Dobrovolna, Czech Republic
Devils Peak, Martina Cortez, USA
Dharian, Anne Humphreys, USA
Diamond of Africa, Adam Frank, Austria
Diapason, Evelyn Frankel, Canada
die Consorti, Mario di Pascoli, Italy
Diffeqs, Daria Eiteneer, USA
Dija's, Melisa L Skillman, USA
Dilana's, Arlene A. Adams, USA
Dipop, Anita Soderberg, Sweden
Disterhaupts, M. & G. Roland, USA
Djadida, R. Stedwell, USA
Djakomba, Doris Daniels, USA
Djinni's, B. Reeves & L. Martinez, USA
Djoser, Mr R.M. & Mrs M.R. Drummond, GB
Djuvanstar, Elena Sayapina, Russia
Dlucks, Natalie Scherwin, USA
D-Max, D. Mack, USA
do Baktaran, Helena Maria Martins Coragem, Brazil
do Rancho da Pedra, Helena Maria Martins Coragem, Brazil
Doberguard's, Jeanette Strand, Norway
Dobrecks’, Helen Zellmer, USA
Dogo Habari, Arlene Bacon, Canada
Dogobundi's, Regina & Thomas Ernst, Germany
Dogon, Samantha K. Martin, USA
Dokhues, Lucretia Hewes, USA
Domewood, Mrs E.A. Bowers, GB
Dominant Star, Galina Homyak, Ukraine
Donbar's, Barbara & D.H. Burr, USA
Donda's, D. & D. Olson, USA
Dongola, Mrs N. D. Fox, Australia
Donlyn's, Mr & Mrs Chas Mcgahee, USA
Donwen's, W. Trottier, USA
Donzel, Mrs H. J. Cavanagh, Australia
Doran's, D. Ayers, USA
Dorigene's, Miss Doris I. Foster, USA
Dormtiki, Mrs C.W. White, GB
Doro-Shon's, Dorothy Kopac, USA
Doubledeuce, Mary M.Underwood & Della Baker, USA
Doublespur, S. & O. Spurlin, USA
Dover’s, Debra J. Dvorachek, USA
Downeyville, R.J. Downey, USA
Downhatherley, Mrs H. Hopper, GB
Downright, Louise L. Wright, Canada
Dps, E.J. Albin, USA
Dragnquest, Terry & Jackie Jones, USA
Dragonscourt, Mrs Jane Grunbaum, New Zealand
Dream of Africa, Natalya Aleksandrovna Yasonova, Russia
Dream Of Congo, Oleg Kunich, Ukraine
Drumabas, Margot Bowden, GB
Drumadoon, Margot Bowden, Canada
Drummond, M.S. Fulton, GB
Drumshallon, Mrs H. St George Smith, Ireland
du Blanc Cottage, Giovani Bascciano, Morocco
du Domaine de Samah, Audrey Argentin, France
du Domaine des Basenjis, Robert Merg, France
du Houlme, Liliane Davy, France
du Pays De L'ami Fritz, Alain Notter, France
du soleil d'Afrique, Renate Morthorst, Germany
du Vieux Bry, Alain Alaerts Deschamps & Liliane Deschamps-Cholewa, Belgium
Duara, Susan Wilcox, Canada
Dublin's, Kathy Ryan, USA
Dumahs, S. & C. Le Beau, USA
Dune, Douglas Joy, USA
Dunlap's, W. & A. Dunlap, USA
Dunloo, Mrs A. Dilley, GB
Dunnerdale, Mrs A.H. Southern, GB
Dunsden, M rs S.G. Warren, GB
Durham, Mr R. Hooker, New Zealand
Dusi, Mrs S. E. Farmer, Australia
Dusky, Mrs Pamela Steineger, Norway
Duzzi, Fleming & Keyte, Australia
Dyetts, Mr & Mrs A.W. Dyett, Canada
Dynasty, J. Barker, USA

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E T, S. Nederhoff, USA
Eadeholme, Mrs A. St Erme Cardew, GB
Early Times, J. Cappetta, USA
Eatonbray, Mrs F.G. Billham, GB
Ebonwind, Karen Walker-Donahue, USA
Eborema, Mrs R. Adams, GB
Echelon, Heather Ervin, USA
Eden, Eva J. Brown, USA
Edenpark, H. Forrest, Australia
Edgie's, Patricia Edgerton / Jim Edgerton, USA
Ed-Jo's, Robert & Edward Yanowitz, USA
Edrosemba, C. & J. Milton, USA
Egypten's, Mr & Mrs Helge Bonner, Norway
Egyptus, A. Munro, Australia
Eilsta, E.D. & S.K. Laycock, Australia
Eirual, Mr L.G. Lister, GB
Ejengi's, Elke Berger, Germany
E'Kelekua, Willmar Rosales, Cuba
Ekibondo, Miroslava Miklisova, Czech Republic
El Hadjira, Mlle Christine Pujol, France
El Jack's, James Hicks, USA
El Kahira, Jo Fountain, USA
El Khala, David & Amber Finnigan, USA
El Sueno del Amigo, Petra Wobst, France
Elaro's, Robert F. & Elizabeth J. Behrens, USA
Elbe's, D. & J. Williams, USA
Eldejon's, C. Laundry, USA
Eldorado, Pamela A. Geoffroy and Sheila M. Lund, USA
Elegant Elephant, Åsa Holmberg, Sweden
Elgata, Mr J. & Mrs L. Mc Kenney, Australia
Elhemi, Milan VCseticka, Czech Republic
Elizenjis, Saara Pykalainen, Finland
Elkahira, Jo Fountain, USA
Elpelu, Lubomir Vesely, Czech Republic
Elrifa, R. Rarby, Australia
Elsco, Scott Wright & John Wilkinson, GB
Elvenblade, K. & A. Joy, Canada

Embeau, Mrs Elaine Grayson, GB
E'MBK's, M. Bryant, USA
Emden's, John & Day Laban, Canada
Emerant, Lisa Hart, USA
Emmzar, Mrs Caroline Bradley, GB
Encliff, R. & Mrs K. Cook, Australia
Encore, Sally Smith, USA
Enigma, Madelene & Sofie Lonn, Sweden
Entendre's, John R. & Lisa Heath, Canada
Enyelle, M. Barnett, Australia
Enzeka's, A. McWade, USA
Epic, Rebecca C. Blansett, USA
Equinox, D. Mitchell & G. Vallack, Australia
Eradown, Mrs Allen, GB
Eremomela's, Kathleen Klimkiewicz, USA
Ericonji, William Boehm, USA
Erictee's, Eric Williams, USA
Eridu, A. Kartel, Slovakia
Ersari, Marzena Lorenc, Poland
Eryas, C. Sayre & J. Young, USA
Escapade, Tammy & Steve Berry, USA
Essennemm, Mr & Miss M.S. Jordan, GB
Eterndo, Ronald F. Neal, USA
Etual Nuar, O. Ushin, Russia
Etukon, Mary & Beverley Webber, USA
Eurabbie, Miss R. Mayo-Ramsay, Australia
Evenstar's, J. & L. Richardson, USA
Everpool, Mr R.E. & Mrs M.M. Gannicliffe, GB
Evonty, Marina Taranova, Russia
Ewo, Hana Svobodova, Czech Republic
ex Silva Densa, Tatiana Apolskih, Ukraine
Exasperator's, Mary A. Reed, USA
Excalibur's, Faye Ariyoshi & Dean Makishima, USA
Explicit, Bill Reeves, USA
Exudan, G. Aubrey, Australia
Ezillie's, Ms A. Bradley-Davies, GB

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Faded Rose, Kristine A. Hagen, USA
Fahamivu, D. Bell, Australia
Fair View, L. Kleven, USA
Fairfox, Mrs D. Richardson, GB
Fairmont, Mrs Angela Earnshaw, New Zealand
Fairy of the Winter, Ifj Szikseai Zultan, Hungary
Faithhaven, L.C. Emerick, USA
Faiyabal, S. E. de Longte, Australia
Faja, Faye Glavine, Canada
Falcon's, C. Duvall, USA
Falisha's, Linda J. Brown, USA
Fallohide, Mrs Pia Wright, Denmark
Famiero's, Margarethe & Per Gunnar Korsrud/Tove Irene Barseth, Norway
Fanfare, Melody E. Russell, USA
Fantasia, Judy L. Secaur, USA
Faraoland, Helena Strombert, Sweden
Faraono Legenda, Dovile Zirovaite, Lithuania
Farasi, Joel Brody, USA
Farlanders, Kerli Tônurist, Estonia
Farouk, Allan & Ruth Jelinek, USA
Fataki, Dana MacDonald, USA
Fawneela, Anna Soderholm Bjurstrom, Sweden
Faxbos, Connie Jensen, Denmark
Fayrelyn, Mrs Freda Snell, Australia
Fearnomore, Fearnomore Kennels, Australia
Feodor Land, Tatyana Nikitina, Ukraine
Fehling's, R. Fehling, USA
Ferangi, Sarka Tumova, Czech Republic
Fernal, F.T. Sutton, GB
Fetty’s, Carlotte P. Simermeyer, USA
Fianna, Mrs A. Lait, GB
Filkins, Mrs L. Porter, New Zealand
Fimlaid's, Albert S. Fimlaid Jr., USA
Fireblaze, Lloyd H. Curlee, USA
Firehills, Mrs M. Askew, GB
Fl Danc, P. Hutchinson, USA
Flaghathy's, Helle Pedersen, Denmark
Flattering's, Gabi Mildenberger, Germany
Fleetwood's, Mrs R.J. Fleetwood, USA

Florys, Rolland J. Flory, USA
Flutesong, Nancy Craigie, USA
Flyers, D. Cronk, USA
Flyn Hi, Cindy Griswold, USA
FoPaws, Therese & Kevin Leimback, USA
Force's, E. Force, USA
For-Dee , Mrs Olen Cooper, USA
Foresses, Sharla Bruce, USA
Fornusanda, Steinunn Jakobsdottir, Iceland
Forrest's, Mrs Lester F. Wimp, USA
Forsazh Leur, Yu Bodialev, Russia
Fortora Farms, Shawn M. Burton, USA
Fortuna Numa, Inna Romanova, Estonia
Foxfire, Ulla-Carin Totney/S. Peterson, Sweden
Foxkin, Dorothy K. Frese & Egon Frese, USA
Fox-Luck's, R.G. Ranney & Mrs R.F. Kieninge, USA
Foxtown, Mrs G.A. Chainey, GB
Francis', Tina J. Luce, USA
Frank's, B.I. & R.K. Frank, USA
Frasca, Mrs N. Yavion, Australia
Frebutti, Marilyn M. Thyes, USA
Freemet, Joanne Free, Canada
Freewood, Mrs D. Woodroff, Australia
Friedanene, Mr & Mrs L. Newbold, GB
Fritzly, Mrs E.M. Anderson, New Zealand
From Black Manor, Alicja Nowak, Poland
From Egypt, K. & M. Brewer, USA
From Mapabebe, Emil Grzinic, Croatia
From PB's, Peter Bihlet, Denmark
Fulabaloo, Laura Frey, Finland
Fulanis, Miss C. R. Spicer, Australia
Furaha, Arnieta Marie Kurtz,USA
Furahan, Helena Myyrylainen, Finland
Fussy, J.L. Witte, USA
Fyrecast, Carol & Powell Henderson, USA

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Gadoon's, P. Byrne, USA
Gaelifrey, Miss H. P. Church, Australia
Gainesway, Gaines Research Kennels Gaines Div. Gen. Foods Corp., USA
Gaitanber, Mr & Mrs R. Stevens, Australia
Gala, Barbara & Edward Naddy, USA
Gala's, Allison Cowie and Mike Work, Canada
Gallenza, A.J. Wright, Australia
Galliont, A. Gallion, USA
Gambia's, Dolores H. Galvin, USA
Gamble's, Mrs Joan Gamble, Canada
Gana, Nancy & Gary Roisum, USA
Gandajika, Milan Novak, Czech Republic
Gardiens du Mirador, Corinne Genetti, France
Gardner's, J. Gardner, USA
Gar-Lyn's, Mr & Mrs Gary R. Brown, Canada
Garrigans, Mr P. Garrigan, Australia
Gary-Dee, G.P. & S.L. Gergel, USA
Gary's, C. & C. Springer, USA
Gavotte's, Mrs H.S. Bailey, GB
Gaylords, L. Lewis, USA
Gazunagi, Ms A. Kenney, Australia
Geary's, J.R. & Joseph R. Roller, USA
Gebeep, P. Rieckhoff, USA
Gehring's, Roger D. Gehring, USA
Gemini, S. Bryant, USA
Gemopal, G.A. Anderson, Australia
Gendina, Dennis Regnier, Canada
Geordon's, Donna J. Ryan, USA
Ger-Neys, Priscilla Horney, USA
Gerrior's, S. Gerrior, Canada
Gersenji's, R.L. & T. Weidenbacher, USA
Geshan, Cathy Gesch, USA
Giantswood, Malcolm Gibson, GB
Giltedged, Pia Friman, Finland
Ginger's, J. Eilenstine, USA
Gin-Ja's, C.J. & H.V. Sprouse, USA
Ginju's, Roberta Di Roma, USA
Giza's, K. & R. Koon, USA
Glad-Doll's, Gladys Dollinger, USA

Glemyr, Glenda & Myrl Galdeen, USA
Glen Echo's, Horace King, Canada
Glenadoon, Vera McIver, Canada
Glenairley, Mrs J.W. Anderson, USA
Glendawn, Mrs L. R. Thompson, Australia
Glenellyn's, Mr & Mrs Glen Prouty, USA
Glen-Ho, Homer A. Garland, USA
Glen-Mar, Mrs E.M.F. Sibbald, New Zealand
Glenpetite, W. Zaal, Australia
Glenreid, T.W. Reid, Canada
Glenvue, J. Juliff, Australia
Glimpse', Nancy E. Glimpse, USA
GLNSHLD'S, Radziewicz & Butler, USA
Gojana, Fredric Gordon Hurst, Canada
Golddragon, Mario y Joaquin Martinez Sanchez, Spain
Golden Deli Afrika, Alain Tooth, Ukraine
Golden Starr's, Phil & Donna Ziemniak, USA
Goldraisin, Seppo Jauro, Finland
Gondwana's, S. Sansom & R. Hendren, USA
Goodwin's, B. Felburg, USA
Gooses, Miss Collette Campbell later Christine Rix, GB
Gorden Magic, Eleonora ??, Russia
Gordita del Restelberg, Thomas Ammann, Switzerland
Grand Zeal JP, Koichiro Tsuji, Japan
Grandquest, Juan Pablo Perez, Uruguay
Green Acre, E. Green & M. Hill, USA
Greenstar, Miss M. Green, Australia
Grejon's, G. Swantz, USA
Griffin's, Destin Brown, USA
Grigg's, Mr & Mrs Aubrey W. Griggs, USA
Gwenova, S. & G. Saysell, Australia
Gwensumande's, Gwen Gunter, USA
Gyltholmens, Helga Kauste, Finland
Gynlyfyn's, Virginia L. Finley, USA
Gypmar, D. Lehmann, Australia

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Habari, Arlene Bacon, USA
Hacker’s, Dan & Ann Harrison, USA
Hadiah’s, M. Hiatt, USA
Hadrian, Felix L. Smith, Canada,
Hagunn, B. Merrick, Australia
Hai Aari, Nancy Pincus, USA
Hail Fellow, A. Antal, Czech Republic
Hairicane, Jennifer Garrison Garwood, USA
Haku, Mary McWain, USA
Halaron's, H. Noblett, USA
Hall Mark's, W.R. Pepperling, USA
Hamill's, Pamela Hamill, USA
Hanacek, Miluse Juricova, Czech Republic
Hanako, Milena Maryskova, Czech Republic
Hanash, Mr J. Amos, GB
Hancewicz's, Mrs Clarence R. Dow, USA
Hanishan, Hanni Joronen, Finland
Hannalore's, Hazel Ulm, USA
Hann's, Charles S.M. Hann, USA
Hansen's, Mrs Richard Hansen, USA
Happy Basenji, Ann Stodolskaya, Ukraine
Happy Day's, C.S. Cohen & L.E. Egbert, USA
Hapshetsut, Mr S. Turner, Australia
Harane's, Mrs Diane Castelli, Canada
Harbel's, Margaret Miller ?, Liberia
Hardscrabble, Elizabeth Goldsmith, USA
Haribika's, L. & B. Graff, USA
Hartland, K. & S. Burghart, USA
Harufu ya Kongo, Karel Barta, Czech Republic
Hatari, Miss L. K. Scholtz, Australia
Hatikvah, Dr. Laura Stadtmore, USA
Hatshetsup, Mr I.M. Dundas, Australia
Hatsi, Lori & Louie Hatsiandrou, USA
Hatua's, William S. & Wilma J. Pace, USA
Haven View's, Dorothy M. Marks, USA
Haverfield's, L. Burrell, USA
Hawthorne, W. Mitchell Sr. & L. Mitchell, USA
Haynie's, S.C. Haynie, USA
Hazel Del's, Leonard W. Quigley, USA
Hazhart, Rosemary & Joanne Stewart, Australia
H-Crest, Christopher Hershey, USA
Heartfire, Sylvia Lofrano, USA
Hearthside, A. Randall, USA
Heathdon, Hazhart Pty Ltd, Australia
Heatherdells, Miss M. Clarke, GB
Heck's, Floyd H. & Arlena Heck, USA
Hegyteto, Ferencne Hohmann, Hungary
Heidehof, H. Heath, USA
Heidehofs, H. & W. Roberts, USA
Heki's, H. Hendrickson, USA
Helios, Denise Doyle, Australia
Hellman's, T.L. & M.M. Brewer, USA

Hemlock Hollow, Christine Danker, USA
Henllys, Miss K. Hall, GB
Henty P'Kenya's, Major Alfred L. Braun , USA
Hentypkenya, Major Alfred L. Braun , USA
Here Comes, Robin Ann Davis,USA
Heriaheri, Paivi Somppi, Finland
Herman's, F. & Lucy S. Herman, USA
Heshima's, Olive Moore, Canada
Hestekin Hills, Teresa Hestekin, USA
Hiclif, A. Bumpstead, Australia
HiCotn, CarolAnn Worsham, USA
Hidden Acres, Joyce N. Washington, USA
Higal, Richard Segers, South Africa
Highdeck, Mr W.G. Healey, GB
Hilador, Hilador Kennels, USA
Hi-Lite, Hanna-Leena & Janne Kytta, Finland
Hillbutts, Lt-Col F.J.C. Rybot, GB
Hills' Half Acre, Minnie K. & Francis L. Hill, USA
Hillstar, William S. & Janet E. Hill, USA
Hluhluwe, B. Foye & D. Brooks, Australia
Hobbit's, Marilyn J. Morris, USA
Hoctor's, R. Burks, USA
Hoelt's, Debrah Hoeltzel, USA
Hofer, Paula A. Hofer, USA
Hoffmann's, Mary Ethel Hoffmann, USA
Ho-Hum's, Gordon & Luella Schlichting, USA
Holdaway, Jac Holdaway, USA
Holly Fel / Hollyfel, Dorothy S. Felton, USA
Holly Lin's, Linda Hollenbeck, USA
Hollyhill, Miss W.A. Riley, GB
Hollyridge, D.G. Holley, USA
Holly's, G. & H. Liddiard, Canada
Holmdale, Mr P.R. Hansen, New Zealand
Honey Money's, Hend and Anke Lok, Holland
Honsim, R. &. C. Strange, Australia
Hornby's, Sue Bishop, Canada
Horsley, Mrs J. Wilson-Stringer, GB
Hot Lava Love, Anna Panchenko, Ukraine
Houdee’s, Hilda C. & L.G. Nelson, USA
Houndsmark, Mrs M.I. Field, GB
How-Gert, H.N. Francis, USA
HP's, Helen Pryor, USA
Hud's, J. Hudson, USA
Huffman's, D. Huffman, USA
Humjana's, Janet M. Humphrey, Canada
Humphrey's, E.D. & Mrs E.D. James, USA
Hundido, Wayne Hookham, New Zealand
Huntley's, Mr & Mrs G.D. Huntley, USA
Hurlingham, Mrs S. Prevost-Beuth, New Zealand
Hurst, Leo Hurst, USA

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I AM, Dyan Baughan, USA
Iaret's, Michelle Eckman Lisa Hogan & Melisa Skillman
Ibo, D. Taylor Jr, USA
Ica Waca Umba, Mr & Mrs John D. Puddington, USA
Idlewild, B. & M. Turner, USA
Ijnesab, Mrs S. Bateman, GB
Ikelas, Marja Karki, Finland
Il Cappo Vecchia Signora, Italy
Illusion, Bob and Terry Reed, USA
Il-Se-Ott, Scott Goshorn, USA
IMA, Lea Anne Kroll & Rick Kroll, Canada
Imani's, Steven Arnold & Michael Jameson MD, USA
Imara, Connie C. Camp formerly Reid, USA
Impala, Mr & Mrs J.C. Simcock, New Zealand
Impala Essence, Natalya Lukyanenko, Russia
Indian River, Beverly J. Davis, USA
Induna, Mrs C. A. Carlyle, GB
Ineni, Mrs P. Battimelli, GB
Ingegab, Beata Dreksler, Guatamala
Inglesrud, Dr S.B. & Mrs Stanley B.Watson, USA
Ingwa's, Patsy Wade Ingram, USA
INKA, Irmgard Vogt, Germany
Inkwala, P.G.& F.A Hanlon, Australia
Innocenti, Michela Innocenti, Italy
Inokea's, Valerie Benn, USA
Into Lightning, Valeria Shunkarova & Viktors Kotovs, Latvia
Invercloy, Mrs P.H. Muir, GB
Invicta's, Susan Stewart, USA

Iolight, C. J. Abbott, Australia
Ionabelle, Mr & Mrs C.S. Cecil, New Zealand
Ipar's, P. & N. Parrish, USA
Iregi-Chip, ???, Hungary
Irie, Shannon Pratt, USA
Iselite, Mrs D. Plevey, Australia
Ishtar's, J. Morrow, USA
Istari, Kirsten & Peter Sigrist, USA
Itaboo, Mr N. G. Halstead, Australia
Itapuca, Savio Steele, Brazil
Ituri Moravia, Lubomir Karel Skalky, Czech Republic
Ituri, Gail Brady, USA
Ituri, Mrs J.J. Browne, GB
Ituri's, Kay & D.M. Thorndike, USA
Ituri's, Loretta Kay & Donald Goff, USA
Itury Puzzle, Ekaterina Roschina, Russia
Itzyu, Lisa Corell Auerbach, USA
Iv Paws, J.G. Harris, USA
Ivamala, Mr I. D. Watters, Australia
Ivangi's, Sylvia Tessmer, Germany
Ivgotta, Joyce A. Havens, USA
Iyindi's, Janet Fletcher, Canada
iz Dvnogo Sada, S. Perepelitca, Russia
Iz Irkutskoy Istorii, Eleonora Ivanovskaya, Russia
Iz Nevskoy Imperii, Galina Chipkova, Russia

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J & M's, C. Scoggins, USA
Jaamba's, J.L. & S.P. Adcock, USA
Jabari, Mrs C. M.Thompson, Australia
Jackpot, Kris J. Puhl, USA
Jadaah, Deborah A. Riva-Terista, USA
Jadaka, David & Janice Kahl, USA
Jade's, Elvira Crause, USA
Jade's, J. Neufeld, USA
Jadi's, Peggie C. Peek, USA
Jadoys, Jane & Toots Yanarella, USA
Jaffa's, B. & C.M. Goldenberg, USA
Jagaren's, Mrs I.M. Barber, GB
Jaha, Jack C. Holmes, USA
Jaiye, Yvonne Simms, USA
Jajense, Ms D. Viner, Australia
Jalora, Jay & Laura Abramson, USA
Jamaa, Jeff Sheldon, USA
Jamadari, Liv Irene Nyflot, Norway
Jamadari's, Valerie Anne Yale Knight, USA
Jamadi, J. & D. Davis, USA
Jamar's, Jim & Marie Henderson, USA
Jambazi, Cmdr P. J. & Mrs M. J. Burn, Australia
Jambo's, Beverley Dent, Canada
James's, F.A. & Mrs Fred A. Story, USA
Jamila, JoAnn Fimlaid, USA
Jamili Basenji, Martina Thieme, Germany
Janak, Mrs E.A. Webster, GB
Jangua, Phyllis Poduschka-Aigner, Austria
Janhillbry, Mrs E.A. Moss, GB
Ja'nine, W. Wyatt, USA
Janir, R. & J. Bricknall, Australia
Janjinja, J. Robert, Australia
Jankay's, Gertrude Jankay, USA
Janmun, Mrs J. Munson, GB
Janobi's, Janet L. Orser, Canada
Jarina's, Gordon & Sharon Rolls, Canada
Jaroufa's, Kathryn D. Radick, USA
Jarushan's, James H. & Ruth D. Shannon, USA
Jasiri, Julie Jones, USA
Jasiri-Sukari, Kathy & Julie Jones, USA
Jasmorne, Dr R. James & Mr G. Holley, GB
Jasu's, Susan & James Perry, USA
Jaswyn, Mrs P. Varley, GB
Jato, Sandra Bridges & Penelope Inan formerly Valdez, USA
Jatogi, J.T. & Jeanette T. Gill, USA
Javad's, Mary Lathrop, USA
Jaybrew, Mr J. Brewster-Wood, Australia
Jaykay's, Mr & Mrs J. Elliott, Canada
Jaymare's, R. Brue & M. Miyares, USA
Jaymill, Mr & Mrs J. Mills, GB
Jazzeta, Dawn M. Shultis nee Wood, USA
JC's, J. Dickau, USA
Jeanne's, D. Perkins, USA
Jebelmarra, Mrs Kay Eldred, Australia
Jeb's, J. Dickau, USA
Jenabinda, Mrs J. G. Tapley, Australia

Jenirox, Mrs M. Dodson, GB
Jen-Nell's, L. Burnell, USA
Jenthe, J. K. Blythe, Australia
Jerlin, Linda K. Ehlers, USA
Jer-Nans, T. Jeffries & J. Sexton, USA
Jerubbesheth, D. Kempf, USA
Jeshanna, Marjorie & Dennis King, GB
Jethard, Paul Singleton, GB
Jewel's, G. Tipps, USA
J-Hill's, J. Hill Jnr, USA
Jiakei, Mrs C. Petersen, Australia
Jibuti, Mrs K. J. Fredericks, Australia
Jihan's, Linda Grow, USA
Jillayla, Roz Cooper, New Zealand
Jilony, Mrs J.C. Anthony, Australia
Jimbar's, Jim C. Smith, USA
Jimbo's, March & Kevin Wilson, USA
Jim-Mee's, Mrs H. Ammons, USA
Jina Langu, R. Brown, USA
Jinadoe, Joseph L.Pearson, Canada
Jinji, D. Sorensen, USA
Jisgard, Mr A Gray / Mr S. Gray, GB
J-Mar's, J. Melton, USA
Jo Coyote's, Jonna Johansson, Sweden
Jo Lain's, Joanne Wexler, USA
Jocasta, Debra Janes Blake, USA
Jodion's, Joyce E.W. Mullis, USA
Johari’s, Raymond C. Olguin, USA
Johari's, Nicole Renaud & Dino Leon, Canada
John D's, Mary Ann Fleming, Canada
Johnson's, H. Johnson, USA
Jo-Jen's, P. Jamieson, USA
Joker Show, Maria Romanova, Russia
Jokuba, Russella Bowen-Wilkerson, USA
Jolain's, J. Wexler or L. Beck, USA
Jolley's, C. Jolley, USA
Jonamvis, Mrs M.E. Johnson, Australia
Jonang, Linda L. Smith, USA
Jordan, Mrs B.T. Boot, New Zealand
Josabry, Johanne Aubry Savoie, Canada
Jowabi's, W.G. & Joan V. Dzekute, USA
Jowehard's, D. & M. Hardin, USA
Joyfred, Mr F.B. Jones, GB
Joyfully's, F.J. Scheufele Jr., USA
Joy-Us, Susan Joyner, USA
J'Taj's, Theresa Gygi, USA
Jubas, J.C. & B. Thibault, USA
Jubilee's, L. Potter, USA
Jublie, Carolyn Boutchyard formerly Shaske, USA
Jujulady, E. & M. Charlton, USA
Juju's, R. Brown, USA
Jumanji, Kathy Grayson, USA
Jumoke, Bryan & Laurie Gregory, USA
Jungle Tales, Anna Sivula, Finland
Juno's, Cüneyt Dönmez, Turkey
Jus B Coz / Jusbcoz, Edna S. Johnson, USA

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K Bar, Mrs Gerald E. Kline, USA
K. Oka, Vicki. Dooms, USA
Ka And Ba, Phyllis J. Elliott,USA
Kaarjuki, J. & K. Weedy, USA
Kabaka, Mr & Mrs J.K. Looker, Canada
Kabalo, J. Howard, Australia
Kabar’s, Carolene deVoss, USA
Kabinda, Mrs R. Toole, GB
Kachina, Lt & Mrs William B. Wood, Holland
Kadass, K. & Mrs A. J. Bell, Australia
Kadeem, C. Edwards, USA
Kadee's, K. & D. Shaffer, USA
Kaduna, Michael & Marillyn Corbett, Canada
Kahawa, Wanda Vega & Kathleen Hull, USA
Kahmet, D. Gude, Australia
Kaimas, D. Korsinczky, Australia
Kaizo, Mrs J. M. Luff, Australia
Kalahari's, Donald L. & J.R. Griggs, USA
Kalahari's, Lloyd Perdue, Canada
Kalah's, Karen M. & Leslie S. Butler, USA
Kalee's, K. Edwards, USA
Kalekiburi, J. & M.P. Tait, Australia
Kaleonahe's, Kyle Cabral, USA
Kalesha, Mrs V. Beggs, New Zealand
Kalever, Karen & Everett Pashley, USA
Kaliafric, I. Hummell, Australia
Kali-B, A. & K. Webber, USA
Kalikids, Florine & Joyce Havens, USA
Kalrinda, Mr & Mrs W & J. Bannister, USA
Ka-Lyn's, K. Gorman, USA
Kamante's, Dr Claude E. Jones, USA
Kamau, N. & T. May, USA
Kambi, Mr Buddy Burkhardt, Australia
Kamalika's, Kem Muckleroy, USA
Kamilika's, Harry & Gerene Bagnell, USA
Kampala, John E. & Lyn E. Du Toit, Australia
Kan Du's, Hallwyre Kennels, USA
Kan Go's , Jimmie Paterson, USA
Kandali Santon, Yvona Sazavska, Czech Republic
Kandem, Andrea Hansen, Canada
Kandy Kane, R. & T. Jeffries, USA
Kango, Mr G. Inifer, Australia
Kanibaru, Miss Davina Hopkins, Australia
Kanjaras, Anne Ollgren, Finland
Kaokis, Melissa Larsen, USA
Kapanga, Mrs N. D. McLaughlin, Australia
Kapisha, Mr & Mrs R. Myron, GB
Kapki's, W. Wagner, USA
Karabu, Michelle Carter, USA
Karacel's, Mr & Mrs J.C. Jones Jr., USA
Karah's, Cherie L. Marsh, USA
Karak's, R. Hanna, USA
Karamo, Cathryn & Tony Curnick, Australia
Karanja, P. J. Williams, Australia
Karasimbi, G. Morgan, Australia
Karavani's, Maureen & Alex Woolford, Canada
Karaya, L. C. & P. V. Henderson, Australia
Karazel, Kara Leerhoff & Kevin Leerhoff, USA
Kardohill's, Dorrit Karlsen, Norway
Karenias, Inger & Lief Kristensen, Denmark
Kareokosa, Mrs D. Bargenquast, Australia
Kargen's, Gene P. Allen, Canada
Kargil's, G. Felsenfeld, USA
Kari-Buni, Ruth M. Orchard, Canada
Karimba's, Helene Roos, Sweden
Karisimba's, Donna G. Taylor, Canada
Karlstar, Mrs M. Kneipp, Australia
Karlyn, Carolyn & Bruce Nagle, USA
Karma's, Martha L. Donahue, USA
Karmeglo, Frank & Gloria Anderson, USA
Karmeglos, Frank Vail, USA
Karmikter's, Mr & Mrs M. Anderchek, Canada
Karnak, Karen & David Hutchinson, USA
Karnutu, K.C. & M.E. Blythe, Australia
Karocel, K. M.& D. P. Mainzinger, USA
Karosel, Donna Lubbe, USA
Kasai, Iris & Allen Craven, USA
Kasama, H. P. Willsallen, Australia
Kasanga, Andreas Kolberg, Norway
Kasendo, Kathryn Boyd, USA
Kasenyi, Kjell Bjorklund & Per-Yngve Nas, Sweden
Kasha's, P. Ringle, USA
Kashis, Vernon T. Cash, USA
Kasongo's, Mrs Ruth Snell, USA
Kasova's, L. Burgess, Canada
Kassai's, W.G. Krausnick, Canada
Kastanjetin, Kirsi Piippo, Finland
Katalya, G. & Mrs M. Wieden, Australia
Katanga, Agnes Love, Canada
Katanga, Mr & Mrs P. Howfield, GB
Katanga, Mrs S. Spicer, Australia
Katanga's, Miss Diane Vieira, Canada
Katanya, C. Adamson, Australia
Kataros, Mrs C. Delaney, Australia
Katimbari, Ms D. Wheatley, Australia
Katjem, Mrs E. A. Read, Australia
Katmary's, Antonina Ivanova, Belarussia
Kaunda's, Serge Lacroix & Ella Dempsey, Canada
Kaunis, Margaret N.S. Penney, South Africa
Ka'U's, L. O'Toole-Buck, USA
Kawana's, Bob Dawson, Philippines
Kawasan, Mr G. C. Davies, Australia
Kayland, Carol Jean Kilbourn, USA
Kayomen, J. Tromans, Australia
Kaysand, Jackie Webb nee Coulson, Australia
Kazanya's, Suzanne Marchetti, USA
Kazi's, G.M. & Patricia A. Work, USA
Kazor, Carol Webb, USA
K-Bar, W. & C. Barclay, USA
K-Bar-K's, Mrs Gerald E. Kline, USA
Kbob's, R. & R. Hodge, USA
KC, Lisa A. Cowan, USA
Kearsarge, M. & C. Meister, USA
Kedaro's, Emily M. Prefontaine, Canada
Keezown, Mrs Dorothy Key, GB
Keisi Svet, Svetlana Siukhina, Russia
Kekoas, N. & Rev. S. Kekoa, USA
Kelavim, F. Dedogi, Australia
Keldren's, Peter Okrainetz, Canada
Kelele, J. T. & Mrs B. J. Horton, Australia
Kelilis, Kristen Andersen, Norway
Kellmor's, Kelly Lynn Watson, Canada
Kellydee's, Mrs P.A. Brock, USA
Kelmston, D. M. T. & Mrs B. M. Burrows, Australia
Kelston, Mr D. Mackenzie Cottrell, New Zealand
Keltwyn, Beth Straub, USA
Kelyn, Evelyn V. Woolery, USA
Kemets, Loretta Born, Canada
Kemlay, Mrs F. O'Bryan, Australia
Kemma-Rob, Robert & Emma Forcier, USA
Kenara's, Barbara J. Fay, USA
Kenbaco, Mrs K.A. Kent, USA
Kenda, Mrs Kenneth C. Host, USA
Kendall's, Mrs Wayne Kendall, USA
Kendene's, C.K. & Berdene C. Sweet, USA
Keneva's, Eva Ross, Canada
Kenjaali, Naranja Persson, Sweden
Kenlam, K. Lamascus, USA
Kenmac, J. & M.P. Tait, Australia
Kenning's, W. Felburg, USA
Kenobi, Charles Bagnell, USA
Kenset, Mary Lou Kenworthy, USA
Kenstaff, Miss F. Davey, GB
Kentucky, A. Cowherd, USA
Kenya Fantasy, Violetta Krumina, Latvia
Kenyanii, M. & L. Lewis, Australia
Kenyanna, Mr K. Nazaroff, Australia
Kenyatta, Joan C. Kean, USA
Kenzongo's, Helena Pyyhkalainen, Finland
Keota, D. Maxwell, USA
Keowee, Betty R. Castle, USA
Kerhu, R. Meuser, USA
Keridwen's, Terence N. Kennedy, USA
Keriquel, Mrs S. & Mr R. Sargent, GB
Kestkabilla, Mrs D. Harrington, Australia
Ketika, K. & Kathee Jennings, USA
Ketket's, Thomas C. & Anne Diener, USA
Ketoctin, E. Cockey, USA
Kety, Ms K. A. Chouffot, Australia
Kewyatta, Mrs R. Stallard, Australia
Keyline, Carrla & Ken Taylor, USA
Keynye, E. Hayes, USA
Khadijah, Sandy McArthur, USA
Khafre, G. & Mrs Mackintosh, Australia
Khajah's, Shirley A. Chambers, USA

Khamsin, Erin & Stephen Roberts, USA
Khani's, Connie & Jerry Paulsen Kathy Britton, USA
Kharma's B, Ben F. Husbands, USA
Khensu's, Peggy L. Tegeler, USA
Khesenji, Miss D.J. Cayley, GB
Khonsu's, Kathy L. Patterson, USA
Khufu, Geraldine Ralph, Australia
Khufu, Mr J.F. Caplin, GB
Khufu, Mrs I.M. Lewarn, GB
Khufu, Mrs K. Marszalek, GB
Kiafra's, C. O'Rear, USA
Kiambi's, D. & C. Kelly, USA
Kiamera, Sharon Thompson & Paul Lee, GB
Kia's, Loreen Rigg, Canada
Kibira's, Francis P. Brooks, USA
Kibo's, Mr & Mrs R.H. Newlin, USA
Kiburi, Linda C. Black, USA
Kiburi, Mr J. P. & Mrs M. P. Tait, Australia
Kibushi, Jon & Vicki Curby, USA
Kidibu, Tracie and Keith Nichols, USA
Kifahari, Petra Lengyelová, Czech Republic
Kifinyo, Hazel Brownlee, Australia
Kigoma, Mrs M.P. McCann, New Zealand
Kijana, C.O. & Elizabeth Watson, USA
Kijibwa, Miss F. Veldman, Australia
Kikongo, Priscilla Hickie, Australia
Kikongo's, Porfirio Oliva, USA
Kikora's, Marian Sweeney, USA
Kikwits', James C. Hutchison, USA
Kila Kuimba, Inga & Oliver Kemmer, Germany
Kilawayha, Mr T. Pollock, Australia
Kilbuck, K. Snyder, USA
Ki-Leigh's, Harry & Hazel Kent, Canada
Kilemba, Mr W. W. Sullivan, Australia
Kilifi, N. Brown, Australia
Kilimanjaro's, Charlotte Eytcheson, Canada
Kilimanjaro's, Katherine A. Baron, USA
Kiljogo, J.P. & V.M. Landis, USA
Kiljongo, James H. Fultz, USA
Kiljongo, Miss L. C. Raper, Australia
Kilkenny, Mrs E.M. Macleod, Ireland
Kilwinning's, Mrs H.O. Baldwin, Canada
Kimbabu, Zdenek Uvira, Czech Republic
Kimball's, Elizabeth & Blaine Kimball, USA
Kimberley's, M. & J. Williams, USA
Kimbuti, Bruce & Claire Warrell, Australia
Kiminji, Mrs D. C. Sykes, Australia
Kimitzi, Mr D.R. Hayward, New Zealand
Kimlahani, Mrs D. E. Schmidt, Australia
Kimondo, G. Ashley & Ms J. James, Australia
Kimwitu's, Annemari Nielsen, Denmark
Kimya's, D. Pruitt, USA
Kincha's, Gun-Lis Dahlström, Sweden
Kindu, Mdes E. Gray & A. Broadbent / later Merv Bex, GB
Kindubeams, Liz & Kenneth Starck, Sweden
Kinduhaven's, OJ & Belle Darris, Canada
Kinetic, Lisa Voss, USA
King Khufu, Susanne Berg, Sweden
Kingmen, Mary E.K. Sailor, USA
Kings Bay, G. Whitehurst, USA
Kingsway, Mrs K. Russell, GB
Kingwanas, Ms Liv Iren Nyflot, Norway
Kinkuba, W. McGinley, USA
Kinnerton, Mr J.C. Atkinson, GB
Kinrian, Anja Kinnunen, Finland
Kinsharza, Miss L.A. Coburn nee Berry, New Zealand
Kinshasa's, Mrs J. M. Fox, Australia
Kinzica, Mario Sabrana, Italy
Kioga's, Mary & F. Jones, USA
Kipenzi, Peter & Sandra Wood, Australia
Kirijoto's, Anne Ulmer, Germany
Kirinzala, B. Trowsdale, Australia
Kiroja, Kelli Harmon, USA
KISA, Kim & Don Etherson, USA
Kismet's, Allana Hornbeck, USA
Kissangani, Mrs B.A. & Mr D.H. Adams, GB
Kissenji, R. Langlois, Australia
Kiswahili, A. Bain, Australia
Kitoko, Helen Briggs, Australia
Kitoko, Justine Delmotte, Canada
KitokoMbwa, Marie Knight, South Africa
Kittling, M. Radovic, Australia
Kitutu, Liane & Kenneth Forslund, Sweden
Kivu, Andrew Sawler, USA
Kiwaka, J. Mair, Australia
Kiyoda's, J.L. Witte, USA
Kizeta, Merlin L.D. Hunt, USA
Kizzamanthas, Mr & Mrs J. Thatcher, Canada
Klassic’s, Sue Gruber-Kite, USA
Kleines Buschding, Beate Lorensen, Germany
Klickitat, Jenny & Leo Johnson, USA
Klinks, Bethel J. Klink, USA
Klipspringer, Mrs I.M. Lawrence, GB
Klydascope, Heidi York, USA
KML Africanus, K. Lamascus, USA
KMR's, K. Ross, USA
Kneikas, Mr & Mrs Paul Anderssen, Norway
Koh-I-Noor, Koh-I-Noor Kennels, USA
Kohom, D. Pawlowski, Australia
Koinonia, C. & B. Olden, USA
Koira's, Tom Monahan, USA
Kokab, Mr D. Bufton & Dr L. Dickinson, GB
Koko Crater, Mr & Mrs Lyle Vaughan, USA
Kokojambo's, Rose Marie Strietzel and Anja Hansen, Germany
Kokopelli's, Gretchen A. Van Alstyne, USA
Kokuri, V. Pellegrini, Australia
Kolbec, F.G. Caldbeck, GB
Kolunkallion K, Paivi & Jukka Salomaki, Finland
Kondil, J. Hall, Australia
Kongo Gazele, Inga Mesecko-Sulte, Lithuania
Kongolo, Mr D. R. Stenhouse, Australia
Kongolo, Mr R. Gates, GB
Kongowood, Agness Wood, USA
Konki, Mr & Mrs N.H. Nicol, New Zealand
Kontobi's, L Tauber, USA
Koorabar, Mrs D. Clatworthy, Australia
Kooree, Mrs C. Healey, Australia
Kootan's, Beryl M. Detta, Canada
Korianders, Inge Dehnhardt Secher, Denmark
Korland Rein, A & M. Kornejevi, Latvia
Koromiko, Mrs M.W. Ryan, New Zealand
Kosiyuela, Mr M. J. Spencer, Australia
Kottang, Adela Müllerova Cermakova, Czech Republic
Kountry, Lisa L. Clevenger, USA
Kramar, Mr S. Baber, Australia
Krasne Jea, Barbora Dousova, Czech Republic
Krasnyi Tsvetok, Svetlana Sitnikova, Russia
Krazy K's, Mrs J.R. Kauffman, USA
Krefts, T. & L. Kreft, USA
Krokfossens, Sissel; Charlotte & Victoria Moen Moerch, Norway
Krumlos, Ilona Kuzdasova, Czech Republic
Kstar's, R. & K. Harris, USA
Kucha's, Margaret Hoff, USA
Kudabin, Robert Ellis, USA
Kudu, Mrs J. L. Puckey, USA
Kuehne's, Daniel Kuehne, USA
Kufanya's, K. Lock & G. Latour, Canada
Kugawa's, Sid & Sue Sher, USA
Kukuk's, Herman H. & Doris M. Kukuk, USA
Kuleana's, Raymond W. Brown, USA
Kumisenji, I. Fisher, Australia
Kunda's, Beverley Hester , USA
Kunetown, Miss W.M. Pearson, GB
Kunta And Ashes, J. Ruckman, USA
Kupanya, S. Rieck, Australia
Kurda, Mr & Mrs D. L. Hill, Australia
Kuri's, Nanako Oguri, USA
Kuru's, Mrs Bettylou Sinclair, Canada
Kurush, Ray & Pamela Roy, Canada
Kuruwa, K. Bradley, Australia
Kush, K. & T. Koski, USA
Kutekurl, David A. & Virlee J. Schreiber, USA
Kuzela, Palle Myregaard, Denmark
Kwaheri's, Lois M. Cox, USA
Kwango, Mr K. W. Kemp, Australia
Kwanza's, Seija Viitanen & Anne Ollgren, Finland
Kwilo's, Lennart & Marianne Bengtsson, Sweden
Kwisitif, Mrs Y. C. Villien, Australia
Kyabazinga, Mrs S. J. Simpson, Australia
Kymbo, Mr K. L. Seago, Australia
Kynna The South, Christina Llabres de Fernandez, Argentina
Kywan's, Darrell E. Griswold, USA
Kzinti, D. & Barbara Cracknell, Australia

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L And L , Lee A. Svrcek & Aaron Svrcek, USA
Lacada, Larry Carol and Dallas Hunt, USA
Ladelle's, Anne Lund, USA
Ladini's, Mrs Marshall Burns & D. Saylor, USA
Lady Congo, Marketa Horakova, Czech Republic
Lady Gwendolen v. Luxor, Helen Kummer, Switzerland
Lady ML, Anna - Ladyml Kennel, Italy
Lady Road's, B. Mahler, USA
Laika, Sheryl Barton Fuller, USA
Laimarin, Marjatta Turtiainen, Finland
Laimis, Mai Lis Andresen & Kim Green, Norway
Laisves Vejas, Ina Cebotoriova, Lithuania
Langafel, Mrs E. Huston, Australia
Langarni, Richard & Jenni Palmer, Australia
Langtry, Shelia Lang, Canada
Lanthripp's, Benjamin O Lanthripp, USA
La-Rogue’s, Roger Moon & David Bolton, USA
Larsgardens,Lars Appelqvist, Sweden
Lasgarn, Mr E.G. Edwards, GB
Latorca-Voelgyi, Dr Erika Pentek, Hungary
Lauranea, G.F. Harrison, USA
Laurel, Laura Mae Hesse, USA
Lavren, Mrs M.E. Nerval, GB
Lazuli, Mrs C.A. Townsend, GB
LC's, C. Clausen, USA
Leepers, Mr & Mrs Cecil W. Leeper, USA
Leevarl, Mrs P.D. Varley, GB
Legacy, Betty Taylor, USA
Legend, Susan Schroeder nee Beck, USA
Lekunya, Miss S. Millard, Australia
Lelolai's, L. Leavitt Rey, USA
Lemar, Darrell Lemar, USA
Lembergi, Jozsefine & Josef Stummer, Hungary
Leone, Charline Leone, USA
Leoniver's, Anna Hulbert, Switzerland
Lepper's, R.P. & Joe P. Lepper, USA
Leshir, Mr L. Nicholas, GB
Leslie's, L. Miller, USA
Lesotho, Mrs C. L. Passe, Australia
Levanjor, Mrs J. M. Tapper, Australia
Libra's, Mary F. Watkins, USA
Licha Maji, Ludmila Macova, Czech Republic
Lidia's, Annette I. Lidia, USA
Lihu's, Deanna Lehew, USA
Likimi, F. Husbands, USA
Liljeborg's, Henriette Folke, Sweden
Lillegardens, John Jensen, Denmark
Liloki's, Fred Henry & A Jay McAffee, USA
Lincluden, H. B. & Mrs I. M. Waters, Australia
Lindele, Mr & Mrs L.A. Holt, GB
Lindgren's, B. Fontaine, USA
Lindisfarne, L.T. & C. Elphick, New Zealand
Lindley Creek, C. Clausen, USA
Lindys, M. Hefler, USA
Lines, Vera Poulsen, Denmark
Linksbury, Mrs D.H. Williams, GB
Linlithgow, Mr G.S. Morrison, Australia
Linlo's, M. Lovell, USA
Linnanportin, Piia Linna & Satu Pietikainen, Finland

Linnet's, Donna Goetzinger, Canada
Linzey's, Martha L. Gilbert, USA
Lionslair, Mrs M.A. Brown, GB
Lippia, Mr & Mrs P. D. Osborne, Australia
Lis Glamur, Irina Ososkova, Russia
Lithca, Donald Morrison, Canada
Little Elves Pranksters, Gwenaelle Linossier, France
Little Twig's, Mr & Mrs W. Ransom, Canada
Littlebreach, Mrs L.R. Percival, GB
Liwang, Dr Janusz Opara, Poland
Llanvapley, Mr & Mrs G.R.P. Llewellyn, GB
Loange, Mrs A. Lewis, Ireland
Loango, Andrzej Kramarow, Poland
Loda's, Mrs Lois Mins, USA
Loeporhazi, T. Szemle, Hungary
Log Cabin, Mrs Robert Wallace, USA
Lograk, Mr & Mrs F. Kargol, GB
Loighaire, P. A. & Mrs E. I. McKie, Australia
Loki's, Alex Guth, USA
Loma Moreno, Gloria G. & M.L. Hill, USA
Loma Verde, W.D. & T.D. Leonard, USA
Lomac, E. McClellan, USA
Lomar, Mrs L. B. Marsden, Australia
Lomelo, E. & S. Lee, Australia
Lonepine, Mrs O.S. Sprangle, GB
Lonevale, B. Venn, Australia
Longfield, Mr H. Bloor, Australia
Longrun's, Marian Settles, USA
Lookfar, Dee Ann Young White, USA
Loonra, Mr S. Lions, Australia
Loporhazi, ???, Hungary
Lorcliff, R. & C. Tendler, USA
Lorndean, Mrs B. F. Hillen, Australia
Lost Ten, Cherry L. Lawson, USA
Lothlorien's, Christine Abbott, USA
Lovelyland, Heidi Makela, Finland
Loveshire's, J. & W. Stine, USA
L's, Loretta J. Kelly, USA
Lucanus, Laurence Elliott Pty Ltd, Australia
Lucia's, K. & R. Kinney, USA
Lucky Swede's, Gull-Britt Jansson, Sweden
Luckycharm, Aurora Pena, Chile
Luddymarie’s, Ross I. & Betsy Newmann, USA
Lukala, L. P. & Mrs T. L. Glen, Australia
Lukuru, Jo Thompson, USA
Lularoy's, L.R. & M.M. Strauss, USA
Lulonga, Mr & Mrs R.L. Sutton, New Zealand
Lupont, N. Ponton, Australia
Lutes, Dessie V. & Byron J. Lutes, USA
Luxor, Hildegard Konrad, Germany
Luxor's, Denice Kingman, USA
Luzambo, Betty L. Getman, USA
Lyckebos, Sofia & Ari Jaanus, Sweden
Lyddon's, Billy J. & Mary. Lyddon, USA
Lymricks, Linda J. McGinnis, USA
Lynbir's, L. Birmantas, USA
Lynolly, Mrs M..Reeves & Mrs O. Gatgens, Australia
Lysebo's, Aasmund Lysen, Norway

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M Wami's, Birgitta Prahl, Sweden
Maazimo, Mr & Mrs Thomas B. Taylor Jr., USA
Mabanga, Vera Krivakova, Czech Republic
Macongo's, Albert B. & Greg Price, USA
Madasa, Mrs D. Oestreich, Australia
Madhara's, Anne I. & David W. Smith, Canada
Madimba's, Normand & Camylle Artelle, Canada
Madingos, Lars Malmqvist, Sweden
Madley Fata's, Miss M.L. Austin, GB
Maeka, James T. Hawkins, USA
Magalla, R. Thornton, Australia
Mago, M. & D. Brosh, USA
Mahaba's, Josephine Breglia, USA
Mahallah, R. Lewis, USA
Mahlah, Mr Rikken, Australia
Mahler's, B. Mahler, USA
Mahon, M. Mahon, USA
Mai Tai's, L. Bell, USA
Maibridge, Miss D.M. Howis, GB
Maikai's, Kathy & Matt Albrecht, USA
Maike's, S. Maike, USA
Ma-Jaks, Mabel & Jack Scammell, USA
Majani's, Judith & David Moss, USA
Majcot's, Inez Heine, USA
Majestic, Debra M. Konicki, USA
Majita's, C. & M. Putscher, USA
Majombe, Betsy Polglase, USA
Makala, Dorothy & Karl Oestreich, Australia
Makalika, Margaret M. Grundman, USA
Makamae, Teri Teruya, USA
Makila, Joseph H. Walker, USA
Makiri, Mr B. Norton, New Zealand
Makoua, C. Smith, USA
Makuba, Mr & Mrs Ron & Doreen Duffin, Australia
Makunjo, James Moore, GB
Malawi, Mrs A. T. Hare, Australia
Malikitjai, Debbie Warner, Australia
Malkia's, H. & G. Bagnell, USA
Mallakiwi, Mrs N. Stenberg, New Zealand
Mamba-Ewanga, Tanja Deutschmann-Ruffing, Germany
Mamurs, J. & D. Lambert, USA
Manborsky, Eleanor A. Jordan, USA
Mandalay, Jennifer Roy, Canada
Mandeville, Leila Karkas, Finland
Mandinka's, Sherry Smith, Canada
Mandlyn, Kim Wittenbarger, USA
Mangbetu's, Manja Gierke, Germany
Mankia, Lynn & Dennis Arrand, Canada
Manly's, Charles S.M. Hann, USA
Manominoko, Miluse Mecirova Novotna
Mantassi, Mrs D. Siewert, Australia
Many Oaks, Travis Rumph, USA
Manyatta, Mr G. R. McIntyre, Australia
Manyema, Lesley Traine, Australia
Mapendezi, Mrs S. I. Gibbons, Australia
Maple Tree, C. & S. Sharp, USA
Mar J's, Marti Reed, USA
Marabasi's, Mel & Maxine Smith, Canada
Maracaibo, D. Mauck, USA
Marakham, D. DeVercelli, Australia
Maranta, Messrs Bottomley & O'Brien, GB
Maranthonies, R. & T. Sutkins, USA
Mardi Gras', Mike and Chris Graves, USA
Marek's, M.E. Keller, USA
Marengo's,M. Disney-Haupt & J. Haupt, USA
Maret, C. Elkins, USA
Marhoke's, Franklin R. & Martha E. Rhodes, USA
Mariah’s, Maria Clecak & Christopher Clecak, USA
Maridadi, M. Mulcahy, USA
Maridadi, Mr & Mrs C.A. Smith, GB/France
Maridi, P. & Mrs G. Cahill, Australia
Marikate, Marie Knight, South Africa
Mariki, Ms P. Matthews, Australia
Marikon, Marja-Liisa Rikkonen, Finland
Maringa's, G. Gregory, USA
Marjani, Julie Hartigan, USA
Marjim, J. C. & Mrs M.M. Ferris, Australia
Marjos, Marlene R. Greene, USA
Marlee's, Annie Strobel, Canada
Marlee's, Mary M. McCarthy, USA
Marlen Brao, Marina Lobakova, Russia
Marlise's, Elizabeth Ryder, USA
Marokee, M. McArthur, USA
Marquis, Kathleen A. Adams-Gencarelli, USA
Marra's, Evelyn H. Hirt, USA
Marteray, Mrs R. Wason, Australia
Martindal's, B. & M. Garcia, USA
Maru Aten, Jeffrey & Linda Raines, USA
Marzuku, Geraldine Baseley, GB
Masai, Mrs P. Brock, New Zealand
Mashatu, Mrs L. Rodello, Australia
Masindi, Mrs H. New & Mrs Fergusson, New Zealand
Masiya's, Paulette Rinck, USA
Maskani, Mrs D. Peacock, Australia
Master Allen, Will Allen, Brazil
Mata Hauri, Debbie Hauri, USA
Matabele, G.A. &Mrs J.S. Scott, Australia
Matabichi, Gerd Soiland, Norway
Matadi, Mr D.B. White, New Zealand
Matanas, Mrs Anna Matthews, GB
Mattakeesett's, V. Geoffrey & S. Lennier, USA
Maurwyn, Mrs W. Chandler, Australia
Maussy, Szabo Szilardne, Hungary
Maut's, J. Fraser, USA
Maxe Sibera, Sarka Nezvalova, Czech Republic
Maximar's, M. Bennett, USA
May Crest, Martha Rudolph, USA
Maybe Dog, Veronika Vlasakova, Czech Republic
Mayhem, K. Meier & D. James, USA
Mayinba, M. Drago, Australia
Mazamba's, Arlen M. & M. Clement, USA
Mboya, Mr R. J. Crapp, Australia
M'Buti, T.A. Gillespie Jr, USA
Mbwa, Mr G. J. Strano, Australia
M'Bwa, U. & Paul R. Gigous, USA
Mbwa, Vidar Jakobsen, Norway
Mbwa's, Linea Zetterstrom, Sweden
McClellan's, L. E. Mcclellan & T. L. Mcclellan, USA
McConji, S. McConnell, USA
McCoy's, I. & R. McCoy, USA
McDaniel's, J. & M. McDaniel, USA
Meadowsweet, Miss Marj Piferrer, Australia
Med O'Lyn's, P. Clayton, USA
Medbournian, Mr & Mrs C. Johnson, GB
Meeker's, Orie B. McClanahan, USA
Megana, Mrs E. G. Jones, Australia

Meisterhaus, A. Tad Brooks, USA
Melar's, Melody Falcone, USA
Melbrake, Mr F.W. Walker, GB
Melindas, M. Ebel, USA
Melin's, Louise M. Melin, USA
Memetuka, Victoria Gaskell, GB
Mennefer, S. & L. Czycelis, Australia
Meradi's, Mrs Catherine Langford, Canada
Meri L's, Louise Tucker, USA
Meridene, Mr P. Hughes, GB
Meri-O, Renee Meriaux, USA
Meriptah, Lynn & Mike Panipucci, Australia
Merit's, L. & J. Benson, USA
Merkuri, Messrs E. Adams & D. Weedon, GB
Merlea, Mrs Margaret E. Robertson, USA
Merrimack, Mr R.S. Ferguson, New Zealand
Merry Menage, Jane Bingham, USA
MG's, Michael L. Graves, USA
Mgumbie, Mrs B. J. Kerin, Australia
Mi Li's, John R. Lippincott, USA
Miacor's, E.H. Shoemaker, USA
Mibre, Michelle Smith-Barbour, USA
Micyn, M. J. & Mrs C. E. Collette, Australia
Midaka, Mrs K. L. Glanford, Australia
Midzoy, Mr & Mrs E.A. Savage, GB
Mija, Elizabeth Eytchson, USA
Mijokr's, Bill & Diana McCarty, USA
Mijuba, K. Riches, Australia
Milde's, Martha Milde, USA
Mildon's, D. & M. Whitlock, USA
Millcreeks, F. Tankersley, USA
Miloki, Valerie Rodgers, Canada
Minarod, Mrs W. Young, Australia
Mini Afrika, I Mackeviciene, Lithuania
Minombo's, R.J. & Mrs E. Merck, USA
Minton, Miss R.V. Spiller, GB
Mi-Pharaoh's, B. Hocking, Canada
Miphilan, Mrs L. Leben, Australia
Mirambeek, Mrs L. M. Lowien, Australia
Mirembe, Carina Valberg, Sweden
Mishaeire, Mishaeire Kennels, Australia
Mishlieu, P.A. Schierloh, USA
Miss Amazing's, Camilla Lebzien, Sweden
Misterio, E. Kurbanova, Russia
Misty-Vale's, Mr & Mrs D.T. Kinch, USA
Misuda's, Mike J. & Mrs Mike J. Merten, USA
Mitanni, A. & H. Jones, USA
Miwok, Kjersti Stromnes, Norway
Mixan's, D.L. Mixan & F. Goldsmith, USA
Mizar's, Frances Bercher, USA
Mjara, Mrs Jill Avis, GB
Mlima, V. Hansen, USA
Mochi, Mrs M. Gallagher, GB
Model's, Donna Stelzl, USA
Mogyorodi Bator, Geza Sleisz, Hungary
Mojongo's, K. & S. Walker, USA
Mokoondi's, Dagmar Wagner, Germany
Moksha's, Patricia A. Bird, USA
Mollinsburn, Mr J. R. Craig, Australia
Momba Tonga, Henriette Varga, Italy
Mombasa, Mrs P. E. Patterson, New Zealand
Momtaz Ozteka, Mr H. & Mrs P. V. Rear, Australia
Mon Nami JP's, Masanori Nagata, Japan
Monau, Mr & Mrs G.J. Murray, USA
Mongala, J. & G. Bellavance, Canada
Mongala, Mr A. J. Chappell, Australia
Montegue's, L.Van Sickle Jr.& B.Van Sickle, USA
Montrena, Mr T. Flynn, GB
Moon Song's, Linda Sorensen, Denmark
Moonacre, Mrs M.A. Coleman, GB
Mooncreek, L. Engel, USA
Moonjai, L. Godfrey, Australia
Moonlight / Moonlyte, Donna Trouten, USA
Moonstring's, Britt-Marie Karlsson, Sweden
Moonstruck, Kelly & Heather Hettick, USA
Moore, Nancy L. Moore, USA
Moorhouse, Miss D.E. Eglington, GB
Moorokosa, C. Streeter & D. Bargenquast, Australia
Morshor's, Dianne T. Bleeker, USA
Morton's, W. & F. Morton, USA
Moto, Araya & Tyler Powell, USA
Mowana, Mr A. Forsyth, GB
Moyomema, Holvik Jørn Og Kicko K B R, Norway
Moyrana, Mr & Mrs A. Moyes, New Zealand
Mpenzie, J. Taylor, Australia
Mr De's, D. Baker, USA
M'ry de Cassandra, Emery Mattera, France
Msingwe, S. R. Kozak & T. E. Albone, Australia
Msumari's, Sabine Nagel, Germany
Mtongo, George R. Watt, USA
Mtundu, Vallerie Meador, USA
Mturafiki, K. & D. Kennedy, Australia
Mubarak's, Bonnie Harp, USA
Mudhah, A. Bowden, Australia
Mugabi's, A. Benn, USA
Mungu, Mrs L. Dufty, Australia
Murarrie, A. T. & Mrs K. A. Savill, Australia
Muroc, H. Corum, USA
Music City, Karen Jenkins, USA
Musqutwine, Ganelda M. Cooper, USA
Mutabaruga, Noel Baaser, Germany
Mutambi's, J.A. & Mrs A. Zenner, USA
Mutshima, Kirsti Orumets, Estonia
Muviro, Mr J. Nicholson, GB
Muzzall, J. Muzzall, USA
Muzzoui, Ronald McComb, USA
Mwali's, H. & G. Bagnell, USA
Mwanamatapa, J.L. Salmon, South Africa
My Little Precious, Constanca Da Rocha Azevedo, Brazil
My Salim, Oleg & Lidia Dudnyk, Ukraine
My-Tym, Darlene Lowitt, USA
Myamba, J. McIntyre, Australia
Mycenae, T. & C. Beasley, USA
Myer's, Grace A. Myers, USA
Mymaron, Myron & Mary Woodcock, USA
Mynkandu, Candace C. Griffin, USA
Myola, Mrs E. & Miss A. Swallow, Australia
Myowne, Gail A. Freisinger, Australia
Mysterious Talisman, Ilona Zlatkina, Belarussia
Mystical, Dolores Harman, USA
Mythical Basenjis, Garry Aiken, Germany
My-Tym, Darlene Y. Lowit, USA
Mywarra, Mywarra Kennels, Australia
Mzalia, Karen & David Hyland, Australia
Mzima, K. Goss, Australia
Mzimba, Mrs J. M. Whittaker, Australia

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na yanga ti Zaire, B. & J. Mueller, Germany
Naabeeho, Fred & Judy Webb, USA
Naambi, B. & G. Harris, USA
Nabamba, Svetlana Scherbakova, Russia
Nabatean, T. Evans, Australia
Nafretete, B. James, Australia
Naghidh, Mrs J. J. Chambers, Australia
Naharin, Marianne Carden Klinkowski, USA
Nahele, Karen Luke & Rita Landes Webb, USA
Nahinni, Mr & Mrs G. Lanctot, Australia
Nailah, Christine Petersen, Australia
Nakundu, Ms F. Lee, Australia
Nalangoora, Mrs J. E. McGlinn, Australia
Namoskia, Miss G. E. Westwood, Australia
Naptali’s, Nancy A. & Ruth H. Park, USA
Naqada, W. & W. Steele, Australia
Nasledye Etera, Valentina Habarova, Russia
Nature's Masterpiece, Tero Tuominen, Finland
Navon, Mrs M.I. Norris, GB
Nazali-Neema, Franziska Hartl & Marc Schröter, Germany
Nazrat's, J.A. Griffis, USA
NBN Tonkawa, Susan Smith, USA
Ndungu, Andrea Mueller, Germany
Neb's, Lisa B. Simmons, USA
Nefersenji, Miss A. C. DeHaas, Australia
Nefren, R. E. & Mrs S. Dwyer, Australia
Nehoff's, Mr S.H. Nehoff, New Zealand
Neith's, Randy Donk, USA
Nejed, Mrs C. Goninon, Australia
Nejeunee, D. Harrington, Australia
Nela Hundo, Tatiana Moyseeva, Belarussia
Nelson, Lawrence & Deborah Nelson, USA
Nerissa, Mrs C.I. Goodwin, GB
New World, Karla A. Schreiber, USA
Newcongo, Mr R. D. Scott, Australia
Newlinji's, Raymond H. Newlin, USA
Newmaidley, Miss L.G. Beak, GB
Next Germanika, Adam Ostrowski & Malgorzata Jusis, Poland
Neyeliz, Sid & Betty Smith, GB
N'Focus, Ellen Bramble, USA
Nganga's, Yvonne Adolfsson, Sweden
Ngoros, Doris Blomgren-Magnusson, Sweden
Ngozi, Jason Cook & Jeffery Lumb, Australia

Niangara, Mr Jack Fleming, GB
Nic Te', Dorothy L. Nelson, USA
Nice Symphony, Tatiana Skoropupova, Russia
Nichiken Country JP, Atsuko Ishizuka, Japan
Nijmah, G. & Mrs J. Slade, Australia
Nike's, Gladys Perkins, USA
Nikrus, N. Verrall, Australia
Nilestar's, Jan & George Clements, USA
Nimar's, Colin D. Morris, USA
Nimshi, Miss W. Lawrence, GB
Nina-Penda's, Melody Byrne, USA
Nine E's, L. & D. Edmondson, USA
Ningen Banken, Jiri Blaha, Czech Republic
Ninjin, A. & R. E. Rawlinson, Australia
Nirse, Krzysztof Wodarski, Poland
Nivramy, Margarete Marx, Germany
Njema, Mrs G. Duffy, Australia
Nkula, L. Jensen, USA
No Ka Oi / Nokaoi's, Rita L. Webb, USA
No-Barc, Mrs Sidney S. Byers, USA
Noblemist, Mr P. & Mrs J. Riseley, Australia
Nocturnals, Sarah and James Lee, USA
Noella's, Donald A. Campbell, Canada
Noh-Kai-Yai's, Howard L. & P. Moses, USA
Nok's, Tanin Munprakobkij, Thailand
Nonaym, Mrs K. Ordar, Australia
Nordayl, K. & R. Begeman, USA
Nordayl's, Daylene Heenan, Canada
Norman's, R.J. Mankey & Jack D. Shafer, USA
North Exotic, Kjersti Sollien Iversen & Øyfrid Sollien, Norway
Nosmas, Mrs D. P. Henden, Australia
Nowata, Sherry Stevens, USA
Nreke's, Patricia Jean Ekern, USA
N'Seti-Emerant's, Kimberly Silva, USA
Nukheila, P. Carter, Australia
Nukoa's, Jean Powell, USA
Nurkkaniemen, Eva Lautiainen, Finland
Nuttinbut, Janice Harrison, USA
Nyam Nyam, Liisa Mertanen, Finland
Nyanga, Jon W. Draud , USA
Nyoka’s, Joan Morales, USA
Nyumba, Mrs H. L. Keenan, Australia
Nzuri Basenji, R.V. Petrov, Ukraine

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O’Trotwood, Kathy A. Helming, USA
Oaklea, Mrs R. Kennedy, GB
Obangi-Kashore, Judy Ziegenhirt-Volmert, Germany
O'Beth, Mrs Elizabeth A. Overacker, Canada
Obsidion, Mr B. Luxton, Australia
Ocsenji-Hegyi, Ovarine Erzsebet, Hungary
od Kacciho potoka, Marta Antalova, Czech Republic
od Nehvizdske studanky, R. Svojtek, Czech Republic
od Peti modrinu, Jana Slosarcikova, Czech Republic
od Ricky Jihlavky, Zdenek Obrslik, Czech Republic
O'Donnell's, Dorothy M. Marks, USA
Oelan Oede, J. van der Stelt, Holland
Of Ashley's Place, Robert L. Ashley, USA
Of Audleydown, Mr E.A. Collis, GB
Of Bantu, N. Plumley, USA
Of Bear Ridge, Carsten W. Johnson, USA
Of Beja, R. Schrock, USA
Of Belark, Anne Berg Winstead, USA
Of Breezecrest, Mrs C. Pennington, GB
Of Breezewood, Agness Wood, USA
Of Cabinda, Mrs I.M. Fox, GB
Of Cairo, Rosemary R. Mackey, USA
Of Camelview, Mrs E.G. Bray, GB
Of Celladore, Messrs Binns & Kennedy, GB
Of Centaurus, Dennis L. Center, USA
Of Cookshall, Mrs P.V. Kent, GB
Of Coombeview, Mrs I.M. James, GB
Of Cren Lea, Mrs M. Parsons, New Zealand
Of Cruden, Mrs K. Philips, GB
Of Culdrose, Mr & Mrs D.R. Harvey, GB
Of Curli Tail, Doris L. Lester, USA
Of Damar, M. Bruns, USA
Of Dilana, Arlene A. Adams, USA
Of Drumpoint, F.T. & L.B. Bosley, USA
Of Erawan, B.Taylor, USA
Of Esenjo, M. Sommer, USA
Of Foxtown, Mrs A.M. Mahon, GB
Of Greenhedges, Miss C. Carter, GB
Of Hadiah's, Judy Hughes, USA
Of Hemlock Hollow, Christine Jendzo (Danker), USA
Of Highland, Val Pfaff, USA
Of Hoo, Shirley Jones, USA
Of How-Gert, H.N. Francis, USA
Of Ituri, Mr & Mrs D.R. Felton, New Zealand
Of Jagaren, Mrs I.M. Barber, GB
Of Jasnaja Poljana, H. & J. Van Kuilenburg, USA
Of Karakol, Mrs E.M. Wild, GB
Of Kariba, Mrs F. King, New Zealand
Of Karnak, Mr & Mrs R. McAnergney, New Zealand
Of Katanga, Mr & Mrs P. Howfield, GB
Of Kelston, Mr D. Mackenzie Cottrell, New Zealand
Of Kelyn, E. Woolery, USA
Of Kidogo, Ann Calhoun, USA
Of Kilkenny, Mrs M. Kilkenny, New Zealand
Of Kindu, Edward F. Lambert, USA
Of Koko Crater, Mr & Mrs Lyle Vaughan, USA
Of Kongowood, Agness Wood, USA
Of Kutekurl, D.A. & Virlee J. Schreiber, USA
Of Larchmont, Mrs Kenneth C. Host, USA
Of Lindisfarne, L.T. & C. Elphick, New Zealand
Of Lisanne, Emil & Dolores Dedek, USA
Of Little Twig, Mr & Mrs William J. Ransom, Canada
Of Lokoro, Mr J.W. Hennessy, GB
Of Mahon, Mike Mahon, USA
Of Matabele, Mrs M.P. McCann, New Zealand
Of Meri L, L. Tucker & D. Laue, USA
Of Mochi, Mrs M. Gallagher, GB
Of Oahu, Dorothy Gowens, USA
Of Oaks, R.H. & R.R. Newlin, USA
Of Omar, Mrs James M. Black, USA
Of Oomah, Mrs A. Wright, GB
Of Orlandos, Mrs E.M. & Miss J. Sanderson, GB
Of Osakis, Katherine E. Tax, USA
Of Panlun, Violet & William Fardy, Canada
Of Pineark, Nancy A. & Jaycee Mulligan, USA
Of Pinecrest, Eva D. Cumor, USA
Of Primrose Lodge, Helen M. Mettler, USA
Of Ranna, Mrs K. Morrison, GB
Of Rai-Tei, Katrin Rzeszut, Germany
Of Reedlochan, Harry Needham, GB
Of Reevylands, Mr J. Raistrick, GB
Of Rhosenji, George Gilkey, USA
Of Romar, Roy M. Martin, USA

Of Ronanne, Mr & Mrs Ronald E. Fanning, Canada
Of Rosetta Stone, Nancy E. Thornley & Kristi N. Thornley, USA
Of Roykop, Miss A.M. Parkes, GB
Of Samoset, Howard A. Conley, USA
Of Senaj, D. Corfield, USA
Of Shalimar, Marlin E. Ashby, USA
Of Sirrah Crest, Dr & Mrs R.C. Harris, USA
Of Snowkobi, Mrs K.R. Wells, GB
Of Story Book, J.W. & J.B. Crist, USA
Of Sudatus, Susan D. Hoyne, USA
Of Sun Dance, G.D. Glazek, USA
Of Sunnyshane, Mrs F. Roberts, GB
Of Swala Pala, Lise Gaudfroy-Durlot, France
Of Taarakian, Jan Bruner, USA
Of Tainui, Miss S.M. Green-Price, GB
Of Talodi, Mr F.C. Perrott, GB
Of Tarheel, S. Lewis, USA
Of Tennji, Sheila H. Smith, USA
Of Ter-Senji, Paul F. Crist, USA
Of The Bambuti, Miss B. Nicholson, GB
Of The Bayenzi, Mr & Mrs E.R. Allan, GB
Of The Headwaters, Janet Brookman, Holland
Of The Congo, Miss Veronica Tudor-Williams, GB
Of The Kasai, William M. Pryor, USA
Of The Kikuyu, James P. Sorenson, USA
Of The Mark, Mr & Mrs D. Routley, Canada
Of The Nile, F. Klingmeyer, USA
Of The North, Linda Venne, Canada
Of The Nyanza, Earl Sherwan, USA
Of The Pharaohs, Mr & Mrs E.H. SchOfield, New Zealand
Of The Plateau, Mr M.B.M. Aitken, New Zealand
Of The River, Beverly J. Davis, USA
Of The Senjies, Bertram Blewett, South Africa
Of The Silent Path, F. Leemeijer, Holland
Of The Two Choices, Margreit & Onno Zeypveld, Holland
Of The Zande, Marvin G. Wallis, USA
Of Thomastown, Mrs E.M. Macleod, GB
Of Tiki's Pride, Robert G. De Vries, USA, 60/70
Of Toothill, Mrs P. Winter, GB
Of Tumba, Mrs L.G. McCallum, New Zealand
Of Uhuru, P. Bowe, USA
Of Vinaka, Dennis & Cathy Trautman, USA
Of Wacella, D. Wallace, USA
Of Whispering Pines, ??, USA
Of Wilbarrie, William and Barbara Collins, USA
Of Wilsenji, Beulah Wilson, USA, 40s
Of Windrush, A.R.B. Richmond, USA
Of Woz, Cecelia Wozniak, USA
Of Wycles, Jim Trichel Jr., USA
Of Yakari Land, Celine and Eric Le Roux, France
Of Zephyr, Edward F. Lambert, USA
Okon, Brenda P. Zeversenuke, Canada
Olabisi-Chinue, Paul Schellnegger, Austria
Old Legend's, Petra S. Bolden formerly Vogler, Germany
Omak, Mrs N. Walker, New Zealand
Omar's, Patrina Black, USA
Onetangi, Mr A. Klingender, NewZealand
Onsed, Mrs J. I. Seddon, Australia
Orange Pips, Henna Kettunen, Finland
Orange Triumph, Dana Kolozsiova, Czech Republic
Orbid's, Ethyl & Orvil E. Bidwell, USA
Oribi, I. & L. Coates, Australia
Orion, Jon & Jacqui Bradshaw, USA
Orion's Fula, Barbara J. Shearer, USA
Orru's, Debra A. & George Verzy, USA
Osennji, Lisa Osenni, USA
Osiris, Ken Karetzky, USA
Osiris, Mr J.E. Tregurtha, New Zealand
Osiwah, Paul & Corinne Bourassa, Canada
Oswalds, D. Spencer, USA
O'Tennji, Sheila H. Smith, USA
Ottawa's, D. & R. Hamm, USA
Ottoboni's, Mrs La Fern Ottoboni, USA
Ouimac, Mr & Mrs Chas Mcgahee, USA
Our Gang’s, R.S. & B.C. Schmidt, USA
Ousefleet, Mrs E.M. Lister-Empson, GB
Out Of Africa, Christian Jouanchicot, France
Outrek, William and Nancy Sullivan, USA
Owando, Marie Brandejsova, Czech Republic
Owens, P. & M. Owens, USA
Oyam’s, Marlene Mayo, USA
Ozsenjis, Ms L. G. Aldridge & Mr S. Zandona, Australia

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P & Q
P Amneris's, J. LeJeune, USA
P.J., Paul & Joan Zeckzer, USA
Pablo's, Patricia Williams, USA
Pajabaka, Mr P. R. Addison, Australia
Pajara/Pajaro, N. Kelly, Australia
Pajelamas, Mr & Mrs M.L. Gollings, GB
Pajurio Akordas, Galina Rasimaviciene, Lithuania
Palantiri's, Marlene Corey, Canada
Palara's, M.& M. Stringer & L. Radwanski, Canada
Palm Desert, Mary Ann Palm, USA
Pamoja, Susann Marco, Sweden
Pams, S.B. Stafford, USA
Panama, D. Trotman, USA
Panderville's, Mr P.G. Yallop, GB
Pandora's, Michelle M. Eckman, USA
Panha, Mr David Mackersie, GB
Papalote, F. Carlisle, USA
Paran, Mrs Bernadette Stoneham, GB
Parazulu, P. J. MacDonald, Australia
Parisdesanj, Mrs C. Farrell, Australia
Parke's, Mr & Mrs Norman B. Parke, USA
Parrott Farms, Miss Mary & Mr Orville Parrott, USA
Parrott's, Orville Gillette Parrott, USA
Pavs, Philip & Vickie Sedbury, USA
Paw Print's, Judy Ellis, USA
Peacehill, Mr T. Evans, GB
Peacevalley, S. & Mrs L. Dallard, Australia
Pedranne, Mrs A.J. Longland, GB
P'Elarena, Yuri Fabricio Pastor Aguilar, Ecuador
Penda, J.D. & B.N. Williams, USA
Pendana, Mrs F. Zinas, Australia
Pendragon, Andie Paysinger, USA
Pennebaker's, Ed Pennebaker, USA
Penrod's, P. Rodigheirc, USA
Pepkits, Yvonne Ohman, Sweden
Pepparson's, Virpi Saynevirta, Finland
Pepper, Staffan Drangel, Sweden
Peppler's, Lee Peppler, Canada
Pere-Lyn, Mr H. Bamber, GB
Pero, Della Biggs, USA
Perrada Unican, Heidi Kortesalo, Finland
Peterbrook's, Elizabeth Peterson, Canada
Pevisigge, Mrs R. Cooke, GB
Phantasy, Shari King, USA
Phantom's, N. Plumley, USA
Pharaoh, R. & J. Harper, Australia
Pharaohland, Mrs E. Nuttall, GB
Pharaoh's Diamond's, Eva-Maria Baur & Hans-Jürgen Chmielewski, Germany
Pharaohs Mystery, N.I. Korol, Ukraine
Pharaoh's, Mr & Mrs E.H. Schofield, New Zealand
Phemister's, Mr & Mrs Alexander Phemister, USA
Phildons, Donald & Phyllis Skinner, USA
Phillips, C.F. & Karen A. Fritz, USA
Philo's, Walter Philo, USA

Phylalans, Mr & Mrs A.J. Bastion, GB
Pieraerts', William E. Green, USA
Pieter's, Mr & Mrs Edward J. Pieters, USA
Pikwick, P. & G. Wichman, USA
Pilon, Miss C.P. Bishop & Pay-Commander L. Bishop, GB
Pincurl, Mrs V. Shutt, GB
Pine Crest, L.E. Bush & D.E. Guess, USA
Pine Knoll, Dorothy L. Kosch, USA
Pine River's, Gary and Annette Birk, USA
Pineark's, J. Mulligan, USA
Pinecroft, Mrs Doris Williamson, New Zealand
Pinepride, Nita R. Stunell, Australia
Pineriver, Ruth Beakey & Chester Spraski, USA
Pinterkuti, L. Gyori, Hungary
Pkee, Mr & Mrs A. Klassen, USA
Platinum, Mary Quinnett, USA
Playdell, E. Smith, Australia
Pocohe, S. & M. Hettinger, USA
Poe's, D. Poe, USA
Polestar, Lesley J. Barnes, USA
Ponderosa's, B. & C. Disterhaupt, USA
Ponedog's, C. Plenkers, USA
Pooka's, William H. Sechler, USA
Portosenji's, Anneli Jarl, Sweden
Posey's, John M. Posey, USA
Possum Creek, Carole Kirk, USA
Prairieland's, Sarah Lee, USA
Premier, Aaron & Rose Thomson, Canada
Prentiss, H.G. & P.G. Prentiss, USA
Pretorium, A. M. & V. F. Salter, Australia
Priscus, P. & D. Calhoun, USA
Prize, Theresa Cuzzetto, USA
Prock's, D. Prock & E.R. Smith, USA
Proudlaan, Laura Pond, USA
Pryshara, Mr L. Prys, Australia
Ptolemy, Mrs J. A. Gordon, Australia
Puka's, Monica O. Sterkerud, Norway
Pukkanut, Alan & Lauris Hunt / Alan Hunt, Australia
Pulcinella, Maria Concetta Ceccarelli, Italy
Punkin's, C.A. & J.K. Olson, USA
Pupak, Roman Lips, Czech Republic
Puressence, Pygge Lord & Lotta Hansson, Sweden
Pyramid's, Thomas E. Potter, Canada

Quad-K, Amanda & Vickie Keller, USA
Quercus, Andrea Walters, USA
Quesen, E. & R. Queppet, USA
Questt o', Sandra J. Plutchak, USA
Quickendale, W. & J. Clarke, Australia
Quietus, Joanne L. Vetri, USA
Quita, Laurie T Gregory formerly Montgomery nee Tilden, USA
Quo Vadis, Mrs M.C.S. Boyd, New Zealand

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Raceme's, J. Davies & E. Williams, USA
Radwa, M. & Mrs L. Johnson, Australia
Rae'Lyns, C. Gribble, USA
Rafiki, Mrs S.S. Gilfoyle, Australia
Rafikis, Michelle Gahgan, USA
Rahasheen, Mr H. Needham, GB
Rainbow, Meredith Carr, USA
Rainbows End's, Britt Helen Lura, Norway
Rainbow's, C. Hagen, USA
Rainco's, C. Rainey, USA
Rajs, Roger J. & Joan E. Smith, USA
Rajsha, Rick & Sharon Corbett, Canada
Rakena, Carolyn Stoffel, USA
Raksha, L. McCready, Australia
Rakta, C. M. Sexton, Australia
Rakuba's, N. & C. Cunningham, USA
Rambler's, Dr Robert Alberts, USA
Rameses, John & Margaret Sommer, USA
Rameses, Mr G.L. Myer, New Zealand
Ramey's, J. Ramey, USA
Ramzi, Ann & William Ramsey, USA
Rancho Rest, Mr & Mrs Ray T. Hubbard, USA
Rangeworthy, Mrs J. Seymour Osborne, GB
Rangi's, Forest and Lucretia Dye, USA
Rangitaki, J. Wallen, Australia
Ra-Oaks, R. Raab, USA
Raphil, Mr R.W. Smith, GB
Raritan's, Norman D. Slater, USA
Ra's, Nathan D. Shroedter, USA
Rascala's, Corinne Osborne, Canada
Ra-She, Sherry Brisco, USA
Rashir, Mr D.B.A. Harris, GB
Rataire, Mrs Lesley Traine, Australia
Rathje, Lena Rathje, Denmark
Raven Rock, Karen Terry, USA
Ravenhead, Miss G. Percival, GB
Ravenwood, Carolyn F. Sizer, USA
Raways, Mr J.M.S. Sheard, GB
Rayas Minds, Carina Johansson & Diana Bjurström, Sweden
Readhu, Mr H.G. Mackay, GB
Red Jhinn, Amber & Richard McGee, USA
Red Savannah's, Lene Olsen, Denmark
Reddwynds, Dr. & Mrs V. Fiorica, USA
Redesgarth, Miss Mary Herring, GB
Redgar's, R.C.& K.L. Reed & Mrs L. Garvis, USA
Redhawks, Joyce Wooliver, USA
Redial, Len & Jan Reddie, Australia
Redmarsh, Kristen Marshall, USA
Redrego, Mrs N. Buffey, Australia
Redrock's, Vickie & Victor Camacho, USA
Redrover's, Rachel Bianchini, USA
Redstone, C. Kostecki, USA
Redwater's, Daniel Pierce, Canada
Reedgate, Martha J. Reed, USA
Reevylands, Mr J. Raistrick, GB
Regal-Fox, Anne S. Bailey, USA
Regenboog's, M. & L. Howell, USA
Rehwald's, Dr & Mrs E.E. Scheuing, USA
Reliant, John P. Harper, USA
Relic, Dianna Sanders, USA
Remeseb's, Katie Besemer, USA
Remwin, Mrs Louise A. Hughes, Australia
Renegade's, Cherri & Len Johnson, USA
Reosnobark, T.L. & M.M. Brewer, USA
Restelberg, Thomas Ammann, Switzerland
Rettenboro, Mrs D.M. Gregory, GB
Re-Ups, Mrs J. Black, USA
Reveille, Damara Bolte, USA
Rexskel, Mr E. Bishop, GB
Reyno, Mr A.C. Reynolds, GB
Rhine-Valley's, Mrs Annie Strobel, Canada
Rhosandow's, Robert Brach & Barteld Bickering, USA
Rhosenji's, George L. Gilkey, USA
Rhynco, A. A. Hibbert, Australia
Rhysh's, Laura Wilson & Wesley Wilson, USA
Ria-Lee Imp's, R.L. Shahan & V.L. Finley, USA
Ribessita, Rita Valdna-Pruel, Estonia
Ridac, Richard & Ronda Clark, USA
Ridderen's, Nils Riddervold, Norway
Ridgeland's, Ashara Tone & Age Teie, Norway
Ridingsgold, Mrs C.W.B. Tress, GB

Rift Valley Basenjis, Judy and Jeff Schettler, USA
Rihal, R.G. & Mrs Richard G. Weaton, USA
Riimarex, G. L. & S. P. Butcher, Australia
Rika's, R.J. & Kathleen P. O'Brien, USA
Rikwen, Joann Warren, USA
Ring-Master's, Mary Harris, USA
Riptide, Colleen M. Hague, Canada
Rising Sun's, W. & Keiko Freeman, USA
Risingsun, M. Elter, USA
Risregor, Mrs R. T. Place, GB
Risum Tenatis, Joanna Michalak, Poland
Ritch Mountain's, Siegfried Reich, Germany
River Song, Dmitry & Elena Zevyakin, Russia, Kursk
Riverina, Miss M.A. Murphy, New Zealand
Rivervalley, George & Nora Bagnall, Canada
Riviana, Miss P.M. Cook, GB
Rixstik, Mrs S. Jukes, GB
Roadside's, S. Foreman, USA
Rob-Del's, R.H. Medina & Delia L. De Hidalgo, USA
Robelroy, Mrs Elaine Baldwin, GB
Robin Hollow, F.E. & Eleuterio Fonseca, USA
Rock Creek's, B. Powell, USA
Rock-A-Doons, Sylvia L. Whitmore, USA
Rock'n K, Don & Jean Kaufman, USA
Rodak's, Roger D. Keepers, USA
Ro-Dan's, Rosalie Elliott, USA
Rodenberg's, Elmer J. Rodenberg, USA
Rodon, D. Stoetzel, USA
Ro-Geans, Ruth E. Fink, USA
Roina, Mr R. Thackrah, GB
Rojin's, R. Frost, USA
Roletta's, Roland & Henrietta Gillespie, USA
Rollakin, Mrs S.M. Hutchinson, GB
Romarsh, Mrs M.A. Kerry, USA
Romel's, Melody E. Russell, USA
Ronan, R. & N. Granstrom, USA
Ron-Anne's, Mr & Mrs Ronald E. Fanning, Canada
Rondo's, J. Ronald Rayburn, USA
Ronel's, E.G. & Ronda McFarland, USA
Rontis, Mr R. Curtis, GB
Rontu's, Mr Robert W & Mrs Jeanette Hampton, USA
Rosadon, Dona Rosales, USA
Rosambi, Clarke E. Ross, USA
Rose-Bay's, William C. Hill, USA
Rosewind, Mr & Mrs Fred Steinmetz, Canada
Rosewood, Bethany Redo, USA
Rosone's, Pirjo Rossi-Salmi, Finland
Rossanty, Pamela Steineger, Norway
Rotha Haus, Newton E. Wessman, USA
Rotur, Mrs R.E.G. Turner, GB
Rouqe-Queue, Martin Cermak, Czech Republic
Roundhills, Patty Beck, USA
Rovista, Mr & Mrs Lange, Australia
Rowanlane's, Mrs Douglas C. Strain, USA
Royal Midnite, Jane Tusten, USA
Royal Red, Jane Tusten, USA
Roytar, Mrs M.P. Hodges, Australia
Ruanda Umande, E. Wilsher, Australia
Ruanda, Mr T.A. Swain, GB
Rubikhan's, Deborah Rubel, USA
Rubys, Chris Hodge & Family, USA
Ruels, R.H. & Donna Ruel, USA
Rugosa, Vickie Perrine, USA
Rujaks, Ruth R. & John A. Smith, USA
Rukuba's, Nancy & Craig Cunningham, USA
Rumor's, M. Snider, USA
Runibas, Miss Runa Roland Sjursen, Norway
Rus Ahmar's, Marina Ahmatova, Russia
Rus' Dogma, Marina Mihailova, Russia
Ru-Sandra, Paramata R. Purvis, USA
Russkiy Karambol', T.A.Tchistyakova, Russia
Ruwanda, Mr P. Birkbeck & Miss G. White, GB
Ruwenzori, Gail Hoffmann, USA
Ruwenzori, Mrs P.S. Ryan, GB
Ruzh Perinion, Natalia Rudanevskaya, Russia
Rwanda's, Jim Icenogle, USA
Ryalan, Mr A. Pickup, GB
Ryden's, Robert A. Ryden, USA
Ryevel, Mrs J. Smethurst, GB
Ryfrost, Mr E. J. & Mrs R. Ryan, Australia

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S And K's, A. Zimmerman, USA
s berega oskola, Svetlana Kozlova, Russia
s Knjazheskogo Dvora, O. Podolnaya, Russia
s Poljarnogo Sozvezdija, Tatiana Gankova, Russia
S S, B. Huggins, USA
Saada, Linda G. Clapp, USA
Saba's, T.M. & U.K. Reymont, USA
Sabella, Robert & Claudette Verdon, Canada
Sabik, Ms J. Faulkner, Australia
Saburi's, Donna L. Brown, USA
Saddaatt’s, D. & J. Hollensworth, USA
Sadikis, Tom & Rita Pontes, USA
Sadim, Noel & Joyce Lindsay, Australia
Sadu's, Marylyn & L. Landsborough, USA
Safaree's, Dorothy Langen Ryan, USA
Safari's, Kathy Caton, USA
Safeguards, Marita Niva, Finland
Sahara's, J.A. & Dennis R. Quilici, USA
Saidy Habibi, Jan Barta, Czech Republic
Saint, Ásta B Pétursdóttir, Iceland
Sakabona, Mrs J. K. Watson, Australia
Sakana, S. & D. Carbaugh, USA
Sakkarah's, C. Marsh, USA
Salasirian, Roman Pohlreich, Czech Republic
Salikalah, S. & H. Klepach, Canada
Salish Sea, Lisa Bauer Saban, USA
Salonga, Ekaterina Gribanova, Russia
Saltglaze, Mdes Harrison & Hullay, GB
Salvick, Mr R. Harrison, GB
Salzar's, S. Salzar, USA
Samarken, Mary & Kenneth Massey, USA
Samarnavic, Mrs S.K. Watts, GB
Sambesi Waters, Susanne & Edgar Heckelsmueller, Germany
Samburu, Dilys E. Blair-Bain, USA
Samlet, Tarja Samaletdin, Finland
Sampcre, W. Campbell, USA
San D'Laines, L. Hansen & S. Christensen, Denmark
Sanalana, Mrs B. M. Worthington, Australia
Sandcastle, Robin Griswold-Ott & James Ott, USA
Sandigara, Sandra Makepeace, GB
Sandoa, Amy Donley, USA
Sangwal, Mrs L.F. Christensen, Australia
Sanja, Miss M.E. Anderson, GB
Sankura, Mrs L. F. Christensen, Australia
Sankuru, Mr A. Dunnington, GB
Sanmichael, B. R. Lund, Australia
Sanridg's, May Cole, Canada
Sansabra, Sandra O. & Arnold Topel, USA
San-Sons, P. Karstensen, USA
Sanyas, John & Marissa Sansevere, USA
Saqqara, Marilyn Sterling, USA
Sarabi's, Donna M. DeFlorio & Daniel P. DeFlorio M.D., USA
Sargen's, Gene M. & Sara W. Caldwell, USA
Sarita’s,Deidra Lawrence, USA
Saorsa, Andrea Stone, USA
Sarrukinu, Igor Jovanov Dravec, Hungary
Sartartia, Evelyn M. Ashford, USA
Sashalia, Alice Bair, USA
Sassandra, Sarah H. Chapman, Canada
Sasshon's, J. & J. Allen, USA
Satin's, Mathieu Barbera, France
Savannah, Patricia Wahl, USA
Savannastorm, Miss Jane Addis, GB
Scarab, R. Boulton, Australia
Scarbroughs, D. Stein, USA
Schabataka, Regina Czakert, Germany
Schabel, Solana De Santis, Argentina
Schaufelbuehl, N. Roethlisberger, Switzerland
Schaumburgs, Chris & Susan Cowie, Canada
Schira's, C. & J. Schira, USA
Scimitar, William C. Hackleman, USA
Scojan's, Ben G. Bilbo, USA
Scotia, Edna E. Girardot, USA
Seanmoor's, Maxine Hill & Pam Roe, USA
Seasidepak, Mr M. & Mrs S. Cronshaw, Australia
Secret Silens, Marina Glotova, Ukraine
Seelenfreund's, Esther Kalkbrenner, Denmark
Seena's, Susan MacSween, Canada
Segebartt's, Alvin Segebartt, USA
Select, Tracy & Jeffrey Leonard, USA
Selpats, W. Staples, USA
Selvas, A. de Little, Australia
Semloh's, R.L. & Florence M.L. Holmes, USA
Senadstrah, Mr & Mrs B. Hart, Australia
Senica's, T. & E. Porter, USA
Senjabi, Christine Small nee Clark, New Zealand
Senji Best, Stanislava Bubikova, Czech Republic
Senji, P. Forster, Australia
Senjibar's, Julie Cathey, USA
Senjisfinx, Elisabet Selinus, Sweden
Senoja's, Anita F. Jones, USA
Sepele, Mrs J. Rowland, GB
Sequoia, Dawn M. Thornton, USA
Serandida's, Susan St. John Brown, USA
Serendipity, F. Jefferson, USA
Serengeti, Margaret Greenlee nee Gougelman, USA
Seventh Queen JP, Shigeko Sakurai, Japan
Shaba's, Deb C. Schiebelbein, Canada
Shadiki, Mrs J. Eydman, GB
Shadobi, Irvin H. & Patricia F. Sturm, USA
Shadowbye, L. Kircus, USA
Shadowfax, C. Corder, USA
Shadows of the Congo, Nicole Braeuer, Germany
Shadycreek's, William & Jean Fancil, USA
Shahallah, Jo Ann Linebaugh, USA
Shahbyos, A. Petter, USA
Shahrans, Maria Kindberg, Sweden
Shajo's, Betty Jo & Shane York, USA
Shaka, Mr & Mrs Leif Even Lura, Norway
Shalimar, Marlin E. Ashby, USA
Shamara, M.F. & P.M. Riley, USA
Shamaron, Dianna & Aron Corlett, Canada
Shamba, Mr D. S. Fraser, Australia
Shambe, G. Harris, Australia
Shambis', R. Glass, USA
Shamra, Cynthia & William Tonseth, USA
Shanil, Charletta Jones, USA
Shanini, K. Rohan, Australia
Shankola's, Joanne Bookalam nee Bleasdell, Canada
Shantara's, Marnie Lang, Canada
Shantari's, Liv Boe, Norway
Shantu's, K. Jones, USA
Shapeshifter, Lynmarie Pritchard, Canada
Sharaba, Hannele Laakso, Finland
Sharafa's, M. & H. Barnes, Canada
Sharkar, Sharon A. Wolf, USA
Sharon, Mrs L.A. Boldthen, USA
Sharpe's, K. & D. Sharpe, USA
Shattani, Jana Schatralova, Czech Republic
Sheards, Martha Keller, USA
Shebalooka, Mrs P. Clubb, Australia
Sheldon's, Mr L.E. Williams, New Zealand
Shell Tide, C.A. Carpenter, USA
Shelowa, A. B. & Mrs V. Kelly, Australia
Shen De Lux, O.A. Sautina, Russia
Shenzi's, Marilyn Meyers, USA
Sherdee's, C. & R. Schack
Shernazar, Miss L. Tyler, GB
Sherwood, Robyn Dubbert, USA
Sheshe's, Walter & Bobbie Lynch, USA
Shetari, John M. & Bonnie L. Charvat, USA
Shibeli, T. Webb, Australia
Shika’s, Edward J. & Joni Boese, USA
Shikari's, Patricia J. Church, USA
Shirlden, D. & S. Holmes, Australia
Shirmond, Mr H. Bedford, GB
Shofox, Louie & Arlene Askew, USA
Shooed-In, Bob & Debbie Sjodin, USA
Shoshanah, L. Pence, USA
Showboat's, Theodore Hagemoser, USA
Shugari, Kathleen Keene & Michael Merritt, USA
Shumllea, Mr S.W. & Mrs A.M. Hellmuth, GB
Sidekick's, J.Haupt & L.Hostetler, USA
Sidereal, Leo Kratz & Suzanne Siroki, USA
Sid'uh'go, Jette Sidhu, Denmark
Sienji, Dora Siegle, USA
Sienna's, Loanne Miller, USA
Signet, Brenda Cassell, USA
Signori, Lilliane Signori, Canada
Sikilaa, Mrs J.L. Richens, GB
Silent Hunter, J. Leenaarts, Holland
Silent Riches, Julia Mikhaylin & Elizabeth Balova, Russia
Silent Sentry, William E. Morris Jr., USA
Silent Sun's, Jurgen Fischer, Germany

Silent Talisman, Taiga Vevere, Latvia
Silenta Amiko, Martina Stryckova, Czech Republic
Silentium, Anni Sallinen, Finland
Silver Dawn's, J. Runion, USA
Silver Fox, Janice M. Grigsby, USA
Silver Stars, B. Huggins, USA
Silverbriar, Mrs J.E. & Miss J.E. Baker, GB
Silvercaul, Mr W.J. Kent, GB
Silvercreek, Stanley A. Carter, USA
Silvett Sankura, Mrs E. Burton, Australia
Simbalyn, Mrs M. Cross, GB
Simboni, Mrs R.A. Leabourn, New Zealand
Simmba's, T. Simmons, USA
Sin, Diane Berry, GB
Sinbaje, Linda Daves Siekert, USA
Sinful, William & Elaine Sykes, USA
Singing Dogg's, Bo Mahler, USA
Sinjali, Edna B. & A.D. Viall, USA
Sin's, Miss Diane Berry / B. Reynolds Frost, GB
Sirius, Michael Work, USA
Sirobe, Bradley Phifer, USA
Sirrah Crest, Dr & Mrs R.C. Harris, USA
Sirron, Marcia Norris, USA
Siscos, Nigel and Zee daSilva, USA
Siswati, Mr L. Willersdore, Australia
SK, S. Ball, USA
Skardu's, Antonio V. Choya, Spain
Skinners, T. West, USA
Skogsbrynets, Linnar Sundberg, Sweden
Skyewalker's, Tina Andersen, Denmark
SkyHi's, Laurie Stargell, USA
Skylark, Shirley Ann Hoffman, USA
Skyscape, Mrs D.E. Nichols, GB
Smartt's, Robert G. Smartt, USA
Smokey's, Shirley A. Baird, USA
SMS, S. Stevens, USA
Snail-Tail, Y. Andreeva, Russia
Snofru, Mr J. M. Gavin, Australia
Snowkobi, Mrs K.R. Wells, GB
So So's, F. Allen, USA
Sohale, Lise Trock-Jansen, Denmark
Sokarra, Mrs A. E. Pearce, Australia
Solar, Linda M. Lutman, USA
Solar Vejs, Brigita Damberga, Latvia
Solebas, Tiina Tootma, Estonia
Solivia's, Haley Thompson, USA
Sollum, Mrs K. M. Burns, Australia
Somali, Mr & Mrs D. J. Egerton, Australia
Sonbar, Sally Wuornos, USA
Songa's, G.& S. Linden, USA
Songo's, Peggy & Leon Bearden, USA
Songwe, Renee Wise, USA
Sonshines, S. & N. Burmester, USA
Southhouse, Margaret & Steven Sorhus, USA
Southtam, Mr P. A. Pitcher, Australia
Souviens Toi Seko, Helene Tate, France
Sowega, Hazel N. Smoak, USA
Spearwood, Ragna Spears, USA
Spencer's, Mr & Mrs H.D. Spencer, USA
Sphinx, Michelle R. Innis, Canada
Sphynx, Mr P. W. & Mrs R. M. Cusworth, Australia
Spiralecoda's, Kirsi Suutarinen, Finland
Splasha, Ruth Brown, USA
Spring Willow, Laurie Owen, USA
Springs, Mrs Jan Magee, USA
Springsure, Messrs R. G. & G. C. Cooper, Australia
Spungold, Bruce M. Scott, USA
Squaw Creek's, Jo Burke, USA
Squizena, A. M. & Mrs M. J. Simpson, Australia
Sretna, Mrs K. Z. Zuvela, Australia
SRM, D. Maxwell, USA
St Alcotts, Mr W.A. Acott, GB
St Clare, Mrs Bettylou Sinclair, Canada
St Erme, Mrs A. St Erme Cardew, GB
Stallian, Jeffrey Gillespie, USA
Stapehill, Mrs J. Munson, GB
Staples, Daniel & Pearline Staples, USA
Star Donbass, Kotelva Tatiana, Ukraine
Star Karuna, Alexey Karuna, Russia
Star of Africa, Hamito Benhaddi, Holland
Star Talisman, N. Molody, Russia
Starfire, Pamela Larsen, USA
Starfyre's, Denise Searcy, USA
Starlight, Mr W.J. Montague, GB
Stars Team, Eduardo Raul & Alejandra Petrini, Argentina
Star's, Roger & Jodi Cunningham, USA
Starting Gate's, Carlos Alberto Capone, Brazil
Steins, D. Stein, USA
Stella Paradise, Larisa and Margarita Porhunovy, Russia
Stellanova, Stella Zawadzka, Poland
Sternhimmels, Anneli Pukkila, Finland
Stevelee, Mrs D. E. Barron, Australia
Stilwell, Linda & Richard Stilwell, USA
Stonewalls, Jeffery Saunders, USA
Stonwyke's, Sharron Schmidgall, USA
Story Book, John Crice Rich, USA
Story's, Mr & Mrs Fred A. Story, USA
Storyville's, Marilou Cockrell, USA
Straznik Lasu, Marek Marciniak, Poland
Strit's, Mrs Astrid Gjertsen, Norway
Strong Stael, Tatyana & Valery Revenko, Russia
Suakin, L. A. & Mrs B. J. Reddie, Australia
Sublime Chiya, Rick Christiansen & Steffie Cheng, USA
Sudan, B. Sathre & C. Olson, USA
Sudanga, Michaela Jirova, Czech Republic
Sudania, Mrs P.B. Hjersing, GB
Sudanji's, Wm A. & V.J. Blackwell, USA
Sudanka, Barry Tuillier & Angela Brown, Australia
Sudanstar, Mr Klooger, Australia
Sudatus, Susan D. Hoyne, USA
Suddanly, Susan Campeau, USA
Sueden, Maria Idrisova, Ukraine
Suefitz, Mrs S. Fitzsimmons, GB
Sugarfoots, Jacqueline K. Wheeler, USA
Sugarshaq, Ruth Trunita Miller, USA
Sukari, Kathleen & Julie Jones, USA
Sully's, J. Sullivan, USA
Sulou, Susan Howard, USA
Summars, B. Summars, USA
Summit, Kathy Davies, Canada
Sun Ra's, Mrs D. Barton, USA
Sunbeam's, Theodore A. Collins Jr., USA
Sunbird, Carolyn Gerics, USA
Suncrest, Joseph & Kay Payez, USA
Sundance, Carol & David Kelly, USA
Sundan's, C. & M. Anderson, USA
Sundevils, Michelle Oljemark, Sweden
Sundial, Imogene F. Murray, USA
SunDiata, Chris Maxka formerly Olson nee Marshall, USA
Sungeata, Mr R. J. Hayward, Australia
Sunglade, R. & J. Ogle, USA
Sunhues, L. Hughson Jr., USA
Sunjata, O. White, USA
Sunkis, John & Sandra Pickett, USA
Sunland, Sunland Kennels, USA
Sunlit Victory, Viktoria Bolshakova, Russia
Sunny Fellow, Milan Skolnik, Czech Republic
Sunnydene, J. Rimmer, Australia
Sunnyshane, Mrs F. Roberts, GB
Sunras, C. Mebane, USA
Sun-Ra's,H. & S. Vaughn, USA
Sunrise, Annette Muenter, USA
Sunseeker, Greg Nein, Canada
Sunseeker, James A. Lauder, USA
Sunset's, Hilary L. Taylor, USA
Sunshine Hunters, Katarina Strelingerova, Slovakia
Suntribe's, Elisabet Wennerbo, Sweden
Sunvi's, Dana Braithwaite, USA
Sunway, Joel McCarty, USA
Su-Ron's, Jack & Jean Ward, USA
Susan's, Mrs Lloyd Howard, Canada
Svengali, Carol Wyatt, USA
Svitanka, Helena & Pavel Koleckárová, Czech Republic
Svornost, Ivana Vesela, Czech Republic
Swala Pala, Lise Gaudfroy Durlot, France
Swan Trek's, Mr & Mrs W.T. Campbell, Canada
Swanwite, Mrs I. Leggett, GB
Sweedenji, Kornelia Juhas, Sweden
Sweet Amber's / Sweet, K. Sullivan, USA
Sweeters, B. Sweeter, USA
Sylvan's, Judith A. Houk, USA
Symphony's, Leonard Laudenslager & Patrick. Cullen, USA
Syngefield, R. J. William's, Ireland
Szechwan, Mr T. Griffin, Ireland
Szuaheli, Tibor Horvath, Hungary

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T and C, Helen Schweitzer, USA
Taarakian, Jan Bruner, USA
Tabaqui, Mr & Mrs R. Greenstreet, GB
Tabitha's, Mrs M. White, GB
Tabora, Sarah H. Chapman, USA
Tabu, A. Potter, USA
Tagalong, Erma R. Nelson, USA
Tagati, Nancy Kneen, Canada
Tagri Edcher, Tatyana Grishina, Russia
Tahjah's, R. Simmons, USA
Tahzu's, Britt Hedstrom, Sweden
Tailwind’s, Julie Leicht, USA
Taitiva, Mario Moreno Camacho & Montserrat Moreno Vasquez, Ecuador
Taji, Katie Campbell, USA
Takabari's, Susan Fairweather, USA
Takeenta, A. & Mrs W. L. Ferrante, Australia
Takuini, Tatyana Kudinova, Russia
Takundi, H. Carlson, Australia
Takuvik, Jo Ann Weller, USA
Talisman, R. Redden, USA
Tallensi, Mrs I.E. Welch, GB
Tallue, Mr D. E. F. Donnelly, Australia
Talyme, Mrs Val Burton, Australia
Tam-Adia's, S. & C. Snyder,USA
Tamaita, Jan Robert, Australia
Tamarango, Diane & Earl E. Laue, USA
Tamard, Mr E. & Mrs B. Wyatt, Australia
Tamarlane, Shirley Potts, USA
Tamar's, Mrs Geoffrey Rowe, Canada
Tamba, Nancy L. Brown, USA
Tambura's , K. & N. Carras, USA
Tambura's, Earl J. Hannah, Canada
Tambuzi, Mr Adam Druce, Australia
Tame Pride, T. Karmalita, Ukraine
Ta-Mera's, Hal C. Rose, USA
Tami's TamTamy, Jana Sikulova, Czech Republic
Tammen's, Laura Gilchrist, USA
Tammie's, J. Harp, USA
Tamsala, A de Little & J. Robert (Jan Robert), Australia
Tamtu, Mrs D. Holden, Australia
Tamulara, Anna-Lena Pomrehn, Germany
Tan-Ca-Mu, John H. & Mabell Cadwell, USA
Tancor, Mrs K. Sheppard, GB
Tanda, Andrew & Anne Logan, USA
Tangandia, Mrs M. I. Hall, Australia
Tangee's, Mr & Mrs Leonard Sonntag, Canada
Tangledene, Miss E. Startup, GB
Tango's, Raymond DeMayo & Denise Hartig, USA
Taniel, Natalia Burlutskaya, Russia
Tankersleys, F. Tankersley, USA
Tannmarg, Mr J.R. Paterson, GB
Tantalus, Mrs J. Dwyer, New Zealand
Tanza, Pat Fragassi, USA
Taqsim, Bev Reid, Australia
Taradale, Mr H. Goldsborough, GB
Taralmer, Miss M.E. Gilbey, Australia
Tarawinds, Christene Barker nee Harris, USA
Tarban, Miss G. E. Wood, Australia
Tarheel, S. & M. Bryant E. Cockey & S. Lewis S. Lewis & G. Lloyd, USA
Tarraworth, C. J. & Mrs S. J. Gale, Australia
Tarsha, Tari A. Parish, USA
Tasmanian, M. & J. Miles, USA
Tasrhea, Mr & Mrs T. Rodgers, Australia
Taste Of Africa's, Gunilla Frithiof, Sweden
Tatooa, Mr & Mrs M. Cooper, GB
Tatus, Peggy Galeone, USA
Tavari's, Sandra Miller & Robin Griffith, USA
Tawelfan, Mrs Joan B. Clague, USA
Taysenji, Mrs Elspett M. Ford, GB
Tazamisha, Martina M. & Valerie K. Cortez, USA
Tazin's, Angela & L.R. Bateman, USA
Taz's, Teri L. Ehlers, USA
Tchzar, A. S. & M.L. Spokes, Australia
T-Day, Mr & Mrs Alfred King, USA
Teacotrit, Mrs C. D. Dillon, Australia
Teakwood, G. & M. Holbrook, USA
Teazer, John P Gaidos, USA
Tedomi's, T.F. & D.A. Mihalciuc, USA
Teeluun, Taina Luukkonen, Finland
Teepee, Mr B. R. Strauss, Australia
Tejay's, J.P. & T.L. Smith, USA
Tekeru, J. Pappalardo, USA
Tekklan's, T. & K. Laws, USA
Telde, Mrs J.Y. Lawson, Australia
Tembura, Mr & Mrs M.G. Haslemore, New Zealand
Tembura, Mr & Mrs S.C. & D.R. Alston, GB
Temper, Jack Brander and Roger Henningsson, Sweden
Temuka, Mrs Glenys Martin, Australia
Temwood, P. Briffa, Australia
Tenahia, M. KramerTengku Adao, Australia
Tenderness Petal of Lotus, Elena Formanchuk, Ukraine
Tengku, Mr M. R. Lindsay, Australia
Tenke, Mrs M.V. Sharples, New Zealand
Tenki, The Misses Juniper, GB
Tennasa, Patricia Coulson Shivers, USA
Tennji, Sheila H. Smith, USA
Tennoaks, Karen & Christopher Pate, USA
Tenoma, H. & C. Amonett, USA
Teragrams, Edward C. Pennebaker, USA
Tergard's, D. Bergagard, USA
Termay's, D. Barrett, USA

Terralee, Mrs Sharon Myers, USA
Terrarust, Terray Boomir, Canada
Terrytu, Theron L. & Mary Marie Brewer, USA
Ter-Senji, Paul F. Crist, USA
Teschi, N. Trevor & O. M. Robb, Australia
Tesseract, Yvette S. Smith & Sheila H Smith, USA
Texoma's, Franz Xaver Scherl, Germany
Teybar, T. & B. Browning, USA
Thackeray, Dorothy C. Thacker, USA
Thaeonnus, M. Cook, Australia
Thando's, Olaf & Kathleen Thomas, Germany
The Amboy's, B. Baldinger, USA
The Dogs Of Joy, J. van Nieuwmegen, Holland
The Veldts', Bob & Mary Gontarek, USA
Therefort, Therese Fortin, Canada
Thistlesett, Mrs M.P. Croft, GB
Thom Thom's, Mrs Ralph J. & R.J. Thomas, USA
Thomastown, Mrs E. MacLeod, Ireland
Thor, Judy Brader, USA
Threse', Tracie Gramann, USA
Thunder Ridge, W. & M. Warhurst, USA
ti Zaire, Julia & Barbel Muller, Germany
Tiara, Mrs N. D. McLaughlin, Australia
Tichwich, Mrs J.M. Tarbuck, GB
Tiger JP, Ichiko Kobayashi Saitamaken, Japan
Tikituri's, A.M. & B.W. Brand Jr., USA
Tim Spirit, Maria Kanygina, Russia
Timar’s, Jean D Martin, USA
Timberlakes, H. Mueller, USA
Timely, Mr & Mrs Eugene Duke, Canada
ti-n Abou Teka, Uschi Grewe, Germany
Tinas Coma, Norm & Mae Wallace, USA
Tippersea, Mary Ann Evans, USA
Tirhaka, Mrs J. Kay, Australia
'Tis-A, Joyce & Fred Hughes, USA
Ti-Tarzan's, Evelyn C. Gardner, USA
Tizambas, H. & J. Matthews, USA
Tjebu's, Kathleen McBride, USA
Tjesems, Teresa Carlyon, USA
Tocayo, Mr R. D. & Mrs R. E. Richardson, Australia
Toccoa, Erin Sikal, Canada
Togotanya's, Newton E. Wessman, USA
Tojoro's, T. Maurer, USA
Toka Kilima, Marco and Diana van den Heuvel, Holland
Tokaji, Mesdames D. Hardy & P. Hallam, GB
Tokaji, Mesdames Hallam Hardy & Kite & Mr J. Gillespie, GB/USA
Tomar's, Marti Reed, USA
Tomjo, T. Wright, USA
Tompkins, Mark & Ruth Johnson, USA
Tonggreen, Miss J.C. Perks, GB
Tony's, Mabel Lienau Probasco, USA
Tooher's, John & Joan Tooher, USA
Toot-N-Tell'T, Pat Wilson, USA
Topaz, K. Cunningham, USA
Toptani, Miss O. Spencer-Lewis, GB
Tordown, Mrs R.A. Bridgman, GB
Torpels, Mrs D.M. Gibson, GB
Touch Of Razz, Carina Morén Jansson, Sweden
Trademark's, Rena Holt & Larry Hostetler, USA
Tragana, Mrs C. Smith, Australia
Travelers, Helen F. Parker, USA
Tresld's, Diana J. Stanton, USA
Trevtras, Mr & Mrs R.J. Bayley, GB
Triad's, Lotten Fornell & Thomas Eriksson, Sweden
Trichel's, Udell R. & J.M. Hoft, USA
Trihaven's, A. & J. Midkiff, USA
Trishan, Patricia Bright, USA
Tri-Tan's, Peggy M. Tanner, USA
Triumph, Penny Pontious & Clarence F. Fritz, USA
Trosambe's, H.K. Sam McKee, USA
Trotwood, Kathy A. Helming, USA
Trudol-Tamba's, N. Brown & T. & D. Gleason, USA
Trumpet's, Bruce & Carol Fagan, USA
Tshombe's, A. Cook, USA
Tudorose, Jacqueline Harbour, Canada
Tukaloh, S. Weyland, USA
Tukami, Mr J. F. Macdonald Allan, Australia
Tukors, John L. Tucker, USA
Tukufu, Mr & Mrs John Lowe, GB
Tunkamen, V. Effemey, Australia
Tupaws, M. White, USA
Turah's, Mr & Mrs W.L. McCulloch, USA
Turbolines, Annika Jonsson & Erica Jonsson, Sweden
Turkana, L. J. Hopewell & K. Williams, Australia
Turkana, M. & C. Adinolfe, USA
Tut's, G. Brigance, USA
Tutu's, Elda & Tom Cross, USA
Twapenda's, F.J. & D.F. Janczak, USA
Twides, Mrs J. A. Heath, Australia
Twigas, Jeanette Norgren & Ulrika Johanson, Sweden
Twinbellow's, Marie Gustavsson, Sweden
Twinvue's, Chris and Greg Johnstone, Canada
Two Of A Kind's, Deen Span, Holland
Tyiwewar, Mr C. Bennett, Australia
Tyla's, Edward Dinnius, USA
Tynrhelyg, Mr W.F. Davies, GB
Tzenh, Mr & Mrs J. Mengers, GB
Tzigane, N. & T. Morse, USA
T-Z'N, Sandra Tucker, USA

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U & V
Ubarlash, M. Korneeva, Russia
Uboh's, Bo Maller & J. C. Williams, USA.
Uhuru, Miss R.A. Proudlock, GB
Uhuru, P. Bowe, USA
Uhuru, Pirjo Kytta, Finland
Uhuru, Emily Prefontaine, Canada
Uinta, L. Opresko, USA
Ukuu, Ms D. Whitbread, Australia
Umboa, Roscat Cu Alb, Romania
Umbuji, Mike Pine, USA
Undercover, Gale N. Whitehurst, USA
Unicos, R. Barone, USA
Unomee, Sarah Egan, Australia
Unona's, Jennifer Dusky, USA
Usquam, Mr & Mrs A.J. Mann, GB
Uulan, Martti Korkia-Aho, Finland

v. Fula's Beauty, J. den Hartog-Donker, Holland
v. Marcori's Hof, C.G.M. Hartgers, Holland
v. Oxymoron, Marianne Felix, Holland
v. Tilburgs Roem, G. Wagener v. Puijenbroek, Holland
v.d. Fronsel, J.C. Jongsma, Holland
v.d. Groene Zijl, M.C. Tissing, Holland
v.d. Stille Jager, H. Schippers, Holland
v.d. Vrije Blick, C.E. Sandberg, Holland
v.d. Zuidvlietweide, Arriane ven Eeden, Holland
v.h Xyloswater, Melanie en Martijn Christiaens, Holland
v.h. Leurse Bos, T.M. Fokker-Brouwer, Holland
Vah-Ki, B.I. Parkhurst, USA
Valcmick, Jeffrey P Slonaker and Scotti S Slonaker, USA
Valeda's, Mr & Mrs L. Grover Jewett, Canada
Valjoh's, A. & F. Valenzuela, USA
Valentine's Village, Katja Trostorf, Germany
Valor's, Joyce L. Iaciofano, USA
Van Der Mere, Felice Lang, USA
Van Igor's Stam, Mme Irene Achard-Holst, France
Vanda, Mr B.J. Evans, Australia
Vanett's, Paul Van Ormer, USA

Vanguardian, Anni Toikka, Finland
Vasia Gasy, J. Kaufman & M. Sauther, USA
Vcelenska Bonanza, Ales Prajer, Czech Republic
Vedhauge, Jytte Pedersen, Denmark
Veg-Chi, Eva Vesenyi, Hungary
Ven Etta, Shirley Chambers, USA
Venda, Fred & Pat Williams, Australia
Veramonte's, Cynthia A Shattuck & Cali C Shattuck, USA
Vereana, Mrs V.A. Jolly, New Zealand
Vermac's, Robert & Ann House, USA
Veroma's,V. Stabb, USA
Vicita's, Wenche Enger, Norway
Vickys, Connie Johansen, Denmark
Victory, Tim V Huf, USA
Viento, Betty Jo York Bradshaw, USA
Vierbeine, Miss A. Pruyn, Australia
Vigilar Dekampo, M. Ermakova, Russia
Vijays, John R. Morrison, USA
Vikentor, Judy Cunningham, USA
Vinaka's, Dennis & Cathy Trautman, USA
Vinvan's, Marty E. & Lawrence Cornelius, USA
Virmaeder's, Virginia C. Maeder, USA
Visakoivun, Kirsti Koivu, Finland
Vitina, D. J. Ward, Australia
Vlasenji, R.J. & Elaine B. Vlasin, USA
vom Schensi, Aldo Apt, Switzerland
von Golow, Patricio Perez Bustos, Chile
von Mecklenburg, Mrs Eva Cantey, USA
von Roplahaus, Yuri Fabricio Pastor Aguilar, Ecuador
Voodoo Siela, Simona ir Mazvydas Jasineviciai, Lithuania
Voodoo, Sandy Beaudoin, USA
Vorobieva, Paco y Olga, Mexico
Voyuz, Troy J. Shadbolt, USA
Vrtiocasek, R. Volf, Czech Republic
VSJ, V. Sanders, USA
Vytomdigo, Tomas Vyskocil, Czech Republic

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Wag'N'Tail, S. Sherrod, USA
Wahaya, D. and Mrs A. Anderson, Australia
Waikoma, Mr P. Little, Australia
Wainrose, Mrs Laura Wainright, USA
Wajada, Walter M. & J.E. Smith, USA
Wakan, Toni L. Ackerman, USA
Walk Chalk, Donald J. Claypoole, USA
Wamba's, Bittan Andersson, Sweden
Wambuti's, Carmen Ziemer, Germany
Wandra, Mrs L. E. Barker, Australia
Wania, Mary Elizabeth Earls, Canada
Wannasing, Don Hunter, Canada
Wanyika, Guido Peters & Erik Renders, Belgium
Wapenzi, Minna Rintanen, Finland
Wari's, Pam Pierce, USA
Warlock's, Marilou Cockrell, USA
Watchadoon, Mrs E. O. Moehlmann, USA
Watusi, Helen Welch, Canada
Watusi, L. Colegrove, USA
Watzikima's, Nina & Anne Cathrine Modahl, Norway
Wawryck's, Myron Wawryck, USA
Wayatinah, Mrs M. D. Batey, Australia
Waycon, Connie L. Fry, USA
Wazazi, Kylie Delacourt, Australia
Wazimba's,Mrs Mary E. Daye, Canada
Wazin, Christina Krol, Sweden
Wazzala, Tetyana Hitina & Oleksiy Hitin, Germany
Webedoggies, Mark Hayman, USA
Wellingdene, Mrs S.L.O. White, GB
Welred, Antonia H. Neill, USA
Wenet, Jan Kalous, Czech Republic
Wenham, T. C. & Mrs W. Hamlyn, Australia
Wen-Nabis, B. & S. Drop, USA
Wentsulan, Liisa & Markku Wennervirta, Finland
Westlawn, Miss A. Clinton, GB
Wgasa, Jillian Van Vliet, USA
Whinnipeg's, Carlos Neto & Patricia Romanelli, Argentina
White Wind, Kathleen Hull, USA
Whitebriar, Miss Maureen A. Murphy, New Zealand
Whiteflame, Miss Jodi Smith, New Zealand
Whitenile, Mr R. Crawley, GB
Whitewood, Mr B. Reynolds Frost, GB
Widdershin, Carol S. Cogansparger, USA
Wigen, Sandra K. Wacenske, USA
Wijari, M. & W. Rice Sr., USA
Wilbarrie's, William and Barbara Collins, USA
Wild Africa, Anna - Y. Cheich-Sultan & Aleksey Karuna, Latvia
Wild Dandongpei, Michela Barbieri, Italy
Wild Pearl's, Tuija Mantyvuo & Mats Ydhag, Sweden
Wild Thing Hakuna Matata, Maurizio Ferrini, Italy
Wildela, Mr R. G. & Mrs M. E. Wilson, Australia
Wildenza, Mrs W. H. E. Dean, Australia

Wildwood, William R. Hicks, USA
Wil-Ja's, Mrs Marshall Moore, USA
Wille, Mrs Virginia Wille, USA
Wille's Mani, J.A. & S.E. Castleman, USA
Williamson's, Stanley E. Williamson, USA
Willow West, R. & H. Butchas, USA
Willsland's, C. Kerwin, USA
Willvern, Mr Williams, Australia
Wilmer, Wilma Bauer, USA
Wilsenji, Beulah Wilson, USA
Wimbo, Mrs J. Van Der Velde, Australia
Wimowey's, M. Waiswain, USA
Winart, A. & W. Gilbert, USA
Windhover, Anne Graves, USA
Windigo's, Patrick & Maria Cotter, USA
Windimere Wrinkles, Timothy Gerrells, Germany
Windjammer, Larry & Gloria Owens, USA
Windmaker, Eeva Hamalainen, Finland
Windrush, A.R.B. Richmond, Canada
Windrush, Ethelwyn Harrison, GB
Windrush, T. Carmichael, USA
Windsbraut, Phyllis & Frank Lobue, USA
Windsong, Lynda Marsh, USA
Windsong, Mrs L.M. Peck, New Zealand
Windymead, Miss E.M. Gardner, GB
Wingates, John E. Wingate, USA
Winklewood, P. Fry, Australia
Winnabrinna, G. F.& Mrs M.A. Lyons, Australia
Winner Time, Alexandra Sokolova, Russia
Winsapphire, Dr H. Escabi-Pagan, USA
Wisefold, Mrs J. Dalton-Thrupp, GB
Wistisi, Mrs L. Wood, Australia
Withybrook, Mr A. Clinton, Australia
Wivnhou, Mr V.S. Jones, GB
WL's, L. Choate, USA
Wonesh, Mr Watson, Australia
Woodella, Tom Rabbitte, GB
Woodgreen, A. Greenwood, Australia
Woodlyn, Lynne Woods, USA
Woody's, Thelma I. Woodhouse, Canada
Wordsworth, Sari Raesaenen, Finland
Worigal, B. D. & Mrs Hollands, Australia
Worrywort, Linda Lipford, USA
Woslinstar, R. E. & Mrs J. Axam, Australia
Woz, Cecelia Wozniak, USA
Wrinkles', T. & J. Gerrells, USA
Wuliango, Ms E. Blair, Australia
Wybark, Gary & Annette Birk, USA
Wyoland, JaNora Baltz, USA
Wyruna, Mrs E. Shannon, Australia

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X, Y & Z
Xalmes, John Fenney, Canada
Xalmes, Miss M. E. E. Darr, Australia
Xin, Claudia Nix, USA

Yakie's, S. Yakimow, USA
Yapless, Paivi Uusitalo, Finland
Yawheh's, Belinda & Dennis R. Gaymon, USA
Yei's, Maxwell Morgan, USA
Yerrah, Miss A. Lund, Australia
Y-Not, Richard Beech, USA
Yodelaire's, Al & Sue Swapp, USA
Yokohama, L. Kohlmann, Hungary
Yomar, Miss A. Lund, Australia
Yombe's, Karin Teufel, Germany
York's, D. York, USA
Young Blood's, Rene Manfredo Isaac Wolf, Chile
Young, Anita Young, USA
Ypsylon, Izabela Wiszniewska, Poland
Yulara, Monica Massih & Mia Loewbeer, Sweden
Yysur, Mr A. & Mrs F. Paterson, Australia

z Klanu Lobuzow, Anna Bukowska, Poland
z Lisci skaly, Antonin Minarik, Czech Republic
z Mikulovic, M. Prochazka, Czech Republic
z Mysence, M. Seberova, Czech Republic
z Neustejna, Jitka Pacltova, Czech Republic
z ticha Bantu, Pavla Hanakova, Czech Replublic
z Vanderlindu, A. Harkabus, Czech Republic

Zacaweista, Joel Wright, USA
Zafarani, Mr A. Chandler, Australia
Zahleka, Linda Carlson, Sweden
Zaire, Jenny Craig & Freda Snell, Australia
Zakarah's, C. Marsh & A. Major, USA
Zamaradi's, Sarah Smith-Falkner, USA
Zambesi, Alvin Vix & Miss Donna Spencer, Canada
Zambuti, Miss Lindsay McDonald, Australia
Zanadu's, Royce & Lawella von Mosch, USA
Zande, Mr & Mrs M. G. Wallis, GB
Zandeena, Millissa Fox, Australia
Zannavikens, Rune & Gerd Ivarsson, Sweden
Zanzipow, Jennifer Power, Australia
Zapotec, Mrs G. Coutts, GB
Zaradene, Mary A. Ellison, New Zealand
Zaria's, Ruth McCauley, Canada
ze Zelezarstvi, Ilona Albrechtova, Czech Republic
Zelinazuka, Mr F.G. Parkes, Australia
Zendiko's, Mary Reid, USA
Zeruka, Pat & Geoff Weeks, Australia
Zichy, Mr S. & Mrs S. Zichy-woinarski, Australia
Zila Voelgyi, Sandor Paszlosics, Hungary
Zimnute, Mr B. N. Semple, Australia
Zindika, Cecily Rappe, USA
Zindiko, Mrs V. Spencer, Australia
Zingarri, Miss P. Hitchcox, GB
Zizunga, Mrs Irene Terry,GB
Zlatna Dolina, Milenko Mrakovic, Croatia
Zodiac, K. & Mrs E. Sinclair, Australia
Zonnekeyn's, Clair Zonnekeyn, Canada
Zordia's, Ms Val Allen, GB
Zuketin, Marja Blomqvist, Finland
Zuleika, Mr & Mrs N. G. Arthur, Australia
Zuri's, Marilyn & Kenneth Leighton, USA

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