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but before you do - you may like to see the lists of dogs with photographs included (see further down page) or read how all this enterprise started How it Began - Minutiae & Acknowledgements, also links to our own site Zande Basenjis
We also have a very comprehensive list of Alfirin sites featuring other breeds of dogs and cats Other Data-bases

AND now - The New Gonto Protocol

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  • If you use fast search, you must provide a full word (not a partial word) for matches to show up; for example, entering "Clair" will find all Basenjis whose names contain the word "Clair" but would not find those whose names contain "Claire" or "Clairedelune". For more successful searches, please use a word longer than 3 letters and omit any 's at the end (see 'Notes').

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You will not be asked to pay to use this site - or subscribe. Just help keep it up-to-date with new litters, titles and photos !
Nothing complicated - simply email me parents, birthdate, (co)breeder(s) and each individual puppy name, gender, color & registration if/when known

Scroll down for Notes on What's New and how to get the best from this website

Lists of Photos - updated as indicated on file
PhotoList A-D
PhotoList E-K
PhotoList L-R
PhotoList S-Z

Photos can be added or replaced very easily. Please attach .jpgs to an email

I have committed the new Gonto Protocol to .html, added it to this website and you can find it by clicking here Protocol
On 12th September, 2016, Dr Gonto added an update - which I have added at the start of the Protocol

A suggestion to the Board of Directors of the Basenji Club of America sent me into hibernation for a couple of months. The on-computer database, alphabetical lists of affixes and breeders open and hours of time have produced - Affixes & Breeders
There is an explanatory preamble on the page.
Anyone objecting can have their entry removed if they email me

Australian PRA Tests A Melbourne based DNA company, Orivet,( will soon start DNA profiling for PRA and PKD testing. Codes showing results will be added into pedigrees (see below)

Honor Rolls. People sometimes submit data with 'SDHR' and 'BBHR' as additional titles and only following a suggestion that we include Honor Roll data did I cotton to what they meant !
To explain, these Honor Rolls are maintained by the Basenji Club of American to honor Stud Dogs responsible for 5 or more Champions (SDHR) and Brood Bitches (BBHR) with 4 champions to their credit. Now the 2013 listed dogs have these annotations embedded -

You may have noted the changes in layout and the print function

I have temporarily disabled the COI function. It might appear later, generated on computer to 9 generations and included in an existing 'field'
I'm minded to generate 9 generation COIs ONLY on dogs born after 1990 - or 1995 - Ideas please !

Searches are increased to 500 dogs, but its sensible to use a less 'numerically challenged' word.

Parentheses in names of UK dogs indicate new owner as opposed to breeder. Words inside them have been added on registration of change of ownership, usually the owner's affix. Brackets themselves do not form part of the registered name, they are an indicative device of my own

Normally use 'fast search' - Its quicker - But if you use slow search, you can 'search' on AKC registration numbers as well as names

'Unknown Native' parents - 99% gone ! All parents identified as unknown sire or dam of specific offspring

'Native' no longer figures as 'Country (of Origin)'. Where possible, actual areas of Africa are defined. If you can be even more specific - email me

When doing a trial pedigree, use a single word and then 'select'. For example 'Domewood Donner' - select on 'Donner' and when prompted, select again to refine the search.

The trailing 's. Configuration removes this problem BUT names ending in s don't always show up in a search. Get around this by searching on the word WITHOUT the final s.

The default colour is red & white. Listing color of every dog makes the pedigrees look messy !

The program doesn't recognise hyphens.

There are thousands of dogs so don't be alarmed if it takes a minute to find what you are looking for.

With permission from the CPP Website Management, we are indicating dogs tested for the DNA Marker for Fanconi Syndrome thus :

Probably clear / normal (linkage test) - (pCL)
Probably carrier (linkage test) - (pCR)
Indeterminate between clear and carrier - (IND)
Probably affected with Fanconi Syndrome (linkage test) - (pAFS)
Direct tests from late August 2011 are designated - Clear (CLd). Carrier (CRd)
Further changes may be made at need

Following requests from owners of dogs actually diagnosed with Fanconi Syndrome to include a note within their pedigrees, I have added two additional codings -
(DFS-OA) (Diagnosed with Fanconi Syndrome - Owner authorised publication).
And to distinguish dogs already clinically affected and tested to aid Research
(DFS-Res-OA) (Diagnosed with Fanconi Syndrome - Tested post diagnosis to aid research - Owner authorised publication )

I will ONLY include this coding if specifically asked to do so by a Breeder or Owner. Feel free to have your afflicted Basenjis included in this way - email me

PRA Tests, which are now also included, are designated (PRA -N) for Normal and (PRA -Cr) for Carrier. Affected dogs show as (PRA -aff)

With the vast proliferation of laboratories around the world now offering tests for Fanconi Syndrome and PRA, I can only accept Certificates and declarations from owners and breeders and apply the same coding to them all.
I take absolutely NO RESPONSIBILITY for the accuracy of any of the tests results appended to each dog in this database
I suggest anyone in doubt goes to the OFA website to check that a dog has/has not been tested by OFA

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